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Custom Built in the USA.

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  Starling Technologies is Proud to introduce our latest kit to fans of
Star Trek Voyager.

  Board provides an Enhanced Phaser Array Light and sound effect,
creating one of the most life like effects for the
Intrepid Class Star Ship featuring a pulsing phaser as well as
screen accurate navigational lights and strobes.

  Multiple kits may be used to emit phaser effect from various phaser
array bands above or below the ship.

   May be used in other federation Star ships requiring this effect.

Built with top quality components for longevity, and Small enough
to fit inside the model itself or its stand.

Powered from 6volt to 12 volt power supply either by battery or
DC power supply adapter that you plug
in to the wall (Not Included).

Please see video below.

The photo displays the Dual Phaser array kit.
Single array kit will have less components.

Package Contents for Single Array:

  • 1x Fully assembled phaser light-sound activation board with sound board.
  • Sound board contains a 1/8" sound out jack that you may attach to a
    set of amplifiedspeakers.
  • 1x Fully assembled phaser array light board.
  • 3mm Orange and yellow LEDs with resistors.
  • 6x Prewired 3mm white LEDs for Nav and Strobes.
  • 1x Wired activation button.
  • 3x 2pin JST connectors.
  • 1x 7pin JST connector.
  • 1x 8pin JST connector.
  • 1 PDF manual emailed after purchase.


  • Some soldering required.
  • 22awg - 28awg wire.
  • 32awg mag wire for some setups.
  • Normal modeling tools.
  • Favorite glue.
  • Clear epoxy.
  • Power Supply.

Photon Phaser Array light and sound kit:
The video above shows Voyager firing from both sides of the ship,
that is the dual phaser array. You can choose the single phaser array
which requires less work, or the quad array which is a more complicated

Note : The more kits you add, the chances are you will have to
add some of the boards in the base with many wires.

It's your build so build it the way you want it :)

Phaser array otions:
Single Phaser Array $125.00 USD
Dual Phaser Array $165.00 USD
Quad Phaser Array $330.00 USD

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