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Jeffrey Gaskin.




Designed and Built in the USA.

Custom VLS System (Voice Light to Sound System)
and Custom Sound Boards.

Our VLS audio recordable LED voice unit allows you to upload
your own sounds, or we can do it for you, and will play in sync with voice LEDs.
Unit in photo also displays the optional RC unit.

Can be used in any model you would like to sync voice to lights
such as N.O.M.A.D.

Pricing is based on which sound board is required and individual needs.
So send us an email for a quote.

Custom Sound Boards.

   With our High Quality sound boards, you can choose to use the included speaker
or plug a set of amplified speakers into the 1/8" jack(Only Available on some boards.)
   Amount of play time ranges from 40sec to around 3minutes.
We have a board with a max of 4 pushbuttons
that can each handle multiple sounds programmed to each button up to
3 minutes that range from $32.00 - $50.00 or more depending on your needs.
   All sounds will be filtered and preloaded for you.

   Contact us for a custom sound board

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