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LoSt in SpaCe.

Robby LED and sound board. New!   For Fans of Lost in Space we have a light and sound kit for Captain Tuckers mischievous NIK. We've also designed an optional 3D printed model kit.

Robby LED and sound board.    Our new sound board for your Jupiter 2 Space Pod Brings your Pod to Life with Amazing Engine and Thruster sounds.

Robby LED and sound board.    NEW Our Premium B9 2.0 Life Force Unit completely Plug N Play kit for the 1/6 scale Moebius LoST in SpACe B9 Robot.
Offers the most Life Like effects with our all LED design, and the board plugs right into the robots chest.
Speaks 17 phrases perfectly synced to voice box with capability for the user to add their own phrases.
Runs on 3x AAA batteries.

There has Never been an Easier way to bring your 1/6 B9 Robot to Life.
An Absolute Show Stopper!!

Robby LED and sound board.   Lower cost alternative to the kit above, for the large 1/6 scale Moebius B9.
The B9 Robot Life Force™ is a complete Plug-n-play LED and Sound effect kit that speaks 17 famous phrases in sync with a flashing red LED. Blinking lighting effects using Fiber Optics for chest and bubble.
If you are a fan of the LoST in Space B9 robot, and on a budget, you'll Love our kit. Also fits Masudaya 16" B9 Robot.
Runs on 9v battery.

Jupiter 2 sound board.  For the fans of LoSt In Space, we have a sound board with speaker that plays the engine sound for your Moebius or PL Saucer. Choice of Engine sound only or Engine sound with Environmental robot speaking.

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