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We at Starling are proud to introduce to you some of the most
Beautiful replicas created around the World.

Enjoy the Modelers Build page.

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Red Carpet Productions Landon Montgomery has shared his
2x Jupiter 2 builds and his B9 build.
Check out the videos, they are awesome :)
Added 4-8-24

Model builder Joe Malinchak has shared his Jupiter 2 W.I.P.
See his custom work installing lights and sounds
and using a laser cutter.
Added 3-21-24
Part1                     Part2

David Reabe's 24" Trendmaster build in
progress. Check it out :)
Added 1-28-24

Tos Colonial Viper By James Wood.
Check it out :)
Added 1-18-24

Steve Carricato takes Bronze at 2023 Wonderfest
with his Slave 1 :
Check out the photos and video of this awesome build :)
Added 6-30-23

Completed Build by Professional Model builder Steve Carricato.
The Addams Family House.
Check out the photos of this beautiful build :)
Added 6-25-23

Build by Model builder Geof Lucier.
The First Men in the Moon.
Looks like a sceen taken straight from the original movie:)
Added 6-25-23

Completed Build by Model builder Geof Lucier.
The Doomsday Machine.
Check out Geof's page for more info and photos
on his amazing build :)
Added 5-27-23

Completed Build by Professional Model builder Steve Carricato.
The F-100-D Thunderbird.
Check out the photos of this beautiful build :)
Added 5-25-23

   Model builder Geof Luicer has completed his resin 3D printed model
"The Haunter of the Dark" written by Howard Philips Lovecraft.
Take a look at this Beautiful, but creepy Diorama :)
Added 5-15-22

David Rosenber's 1/350 Klingon bird of Prey
With lights and sounds and other custom goodies :)
See photos and video.
Added 3-13-23

Ron Seipel's 2nd completed custom Enterprise Command Bridge.
See photo and video.
Added 1/24/23

Danny Attree's completed 1/350 USS Reliant.
Check out the photos and videos:)
Added 1-22-23

Keith Pratts Completed War Machine
Check out the photos.
Added 1-18-23

Geoff Lucier's completed Outer Limits Episode
"Demon with a Glass Hand"
Check out photos, video and info
on this build :)
Added 12-21-22

Steve Carricato's completed Jupiter II and UFO.
Check out the photos:)
Added 12-11-22

Danny Attree's Completed 1/350 USS Reliant
Check out the photos and videos:)
Added 12-8-22

Joey Shipman's TOS Colonial Viper and D7 Trio
with lights and sound.
Check out the photos :)
Added 10-24-22

Dan Johnson's working M314 Motion Tracker
with lights and sound.
Check out the photos and videos :)
Added 8-10-22

Model Builder Don Booty's
ED209 from the movie Robo Cop.
Featuring motion activated lights and sounds.
What a nice security system :)

Geof Lucier's completed build of
"Classics Illustrated War Of The Worlds"
This beautifully detailed diorama makes use of special
LED filaments to light the death rays,
so be sure not to miss the video at the bottom of Geof's page.
Added 12-12-21

War of the worlds Diorama by Daivd Holderbaum
Check out the photos :)

Added 11-3-21
Geof Lucier's completed build of
"War Of The Colossal Beast"
Check out all of Geof's photos and info on
how he created this scene here :)
Updated 9-28-21

Steve Carricato's completed Buck Rogers Ranger 3
signed by Gil Girard and Erin Gray. AWESOME :)

Added 9-5-21

UK model builder Danny Attree's completed Enterprise Refit.
Beautiful work :)
Added 8-23-21

Steve Carricato's completed commission build.
"The Rising Star" from Battlestar Galactica.
with lights and sound :)
Check out video on his facebook :)
and Flyby Video here :)

Updated 8-5-21

Steve Carricato's Completed commission Build
of the "Darkstar"
Check out photos and videos on facebook links below:)

Cultvman Facebook.
Added 7-28-21

Steve Carricato's latest commission W.I.P.
of the Tos Cylon Raider,
Check out photos on his facebook :)

Updated 7-9-21
On Starship modeler link here

Click photo below for video of completed build.

Steve Carricato's photos from Wonderfest :)
Check out all the models steve has shared from this years show,
they are awesome!!

Added 6-7-21

Model builder Philip Cornwall build of the B9 robot
from the 1998 movie Lost in Space.
What a beautiful job :)
Added 6-5-21

Model builder Wolfgang's completed Enterprise Bridge
Check out the Photos and Videos:)
Added 5-17-21

Steve Carricato's Completed Bat Mobile from the Original Series.
Check out this Beauty :)
Added 5-16-21

Steve Carricato's Completed Commission build of
"The Green Hornet" featuring lights and sounds
by Starling :) Check out this amazing Car :)
Added 4-28-21

The Trifecta... builds from Chuck Brooks/ Gearhead Workshop
I'd like to Thank Gene Davis for sharing his wonderful collection
with us :)
Added 4-19-21

Model Builder Sandy Rivera has completed his motor animated
"Damaged B9" Diorama. Check out the photos and video.
Also shown is Sandy's amazing life size B9.
Added 3-12-2021
Steve Carricatos Completed 3D printed
Razor Crest :)
Updated photos Added 2-28-21

Check out Geof Lucier's creation, The Fly in the Lab.
Features lights and lots of 3D printing :)
What a beautiful piece :)
Added 2-10-21

Steve Carricato's W.I.P.
Of the Starwars Slave 1 ship featuring lights and
sounds by Starling.
Be sure to check in frequently :)

Check out Geof Lucier's latest creation, Them- in the Nest.
Features lights and sounds and some 3D printing :)

Steve Carricato's Completed Commission Build
Of the Jupiter 2.
Check out this awesome build on his facebook page:)
And video here :with sound effects.
More photos here : photos. :)

Steve Carricato's Completed Commission Build
Of the Starwars Slave 1 ship. Check it out :)

New conversion Kit coming in Aug. from Spacecraft Creation models
.USS Reverse 1:350 TOS Star Trek Scout Class I Starship
From Steve Carricato's Completed
Check it out :) 11-18-20

Dan Johnson's Lost in Space 1st season Laser Rifle.
Features laser light and sounds, see it in action.
Link is provided to his detailed build page :)

Check out some of Geof Lucier's latest creations


Steve Carricato 5th "The Seeker Spacecraft"

Steve Carricato
STAR TREK episode "The Way to Eden "
Aurora Cruiser Kit now in stock!
Price $49.95 + shipping :)
See completed build.
Added 9-3-20

Steve Carricato's Commission
of the Klingon D7 & Tholian Completed :).
Build features lights and sounds,
See New Photos and Videos:)
Updated 9-3-20

Steve Carricato's 3ft studio Eagle with pods
commision build is getting ready to go out the door :)
Check out the photos of this amazing build :)
Added 8-10-20

Steve Carricato's Tos Baltar Raider Completed :)
Featuring custom lights and sounds.
More photos and AWESOME Video link.
What a Beauty :)
Added 7-17-20

Starling's display model of the
1/32 MKVII Viper
is up for Sale. See it in action :)

Starling's display model of the
Terminator 2 Aerial Hunter Killer
is up for Sale. See it in action :)

Steve Carricato's Completed
Commission build of the Babylon5
Revell Starfury MK1

Steve Carricato's Completed Buck Rodgers Ranger 3

Steve Carricato Completed
"Star Trek IV The voyage home" whale Probe,
Featuring Starling lights and sounds.
Displayed on :)
Added 5-9-20

UK Model Builder Danny Atree's 1/350 completed Client build.
Check out the photos and videos of this beautiful build :)
Be sure to checkout all the links provided on the page,
they are amazing.
Completed 5-14-19 :)

Steve Carricato's Completed 1:35 Buck Rodgers Starfighter
with lights and sounds by Starling:)
Beautiful!!! :)
Updated Photos of engines and Pilot.

Steve Carricato Completed commission build of
the 1:350 TOS Enterprise
Updated with Video and New Photos

Steve Carricato Completed Trekyards 1/1000 scale Enterprise
and K7 builds :)
Added 4-26-20
Steve Carricato Completed build of
the Trekyards 1:1000 scale
K-7 resin model.
Updated 2-24-20

Steve Carricato Completed commission build
of his 4th Seeker for Mike McCain.
Added 2-22-20

Model builder Ron Seipel has completed his 2nd
Enterprise Command Bridge, see it in ACTION:)
Added 2-1-20

Model builder David Holderbaum's B9 with Glass Dome
and completed Jupitor2 with custom bases.
Added 1-30-20

Gene Davis shares his USS Valiant Ship Recorder
Built by Chuck Brooks of Gearhead Workshop :)
New Photos Added 1-23-20

Steve Carricato Completed
"Reys Speeder"
From Starwars the Force awakens.
Features Starling Lights and Sounds :)
Video Uploaded 1-16-20

Added 1-15-20
Check out Steve Carricato's Starship Weathering Tutorial.

Gene Davis shares his USS Valiant Ship Recorder
Built by Chuck Brooks of Gearhead Workshop :)
Video and Photos Added 12-12-19

Chuck Brooks Completed build for Gene Davis
The 1/350 K'T'inga
Features the Starling Utimate K' Battle Cruiser
Life Force kit.
Photos Added 11-11-19

New resin kit By Larson Lunar designs built by
Steve Carricato of Spacecraft Creation models.
Star Trek Worker bee :)
See photos :)

New resin kit coming 10/01/19 !Spacecraft Creation models
and Larson lunar model designs "Tholians web Spinner"
See photos :)
$45 Plus shipping and handling

Steve Carricato accurizing mods for
the USS Valiant Ship Recorder
For those of you building one, be sure to take a look :)
Updated 9-29-19

Completed Build by Steve Carricato of the Larson Designs
Resin model of the USS Valiant Ship Recorder
and Transporter Pad stand.
Features a simple light and sound kit by Starling:)
Updated 8-27-19

Completed client build by Steve Carricato of the
Buck Rogers Starfighter painted in Desert Tan.

Morgan Dean's 1/8 scale Dalek
with lights and sounds, AWESOME, Check it out!!

From Steve Carricato of Spacecraft Creation Models
The "Dark Star" 1:144 scale resin model.
available for $39.95 + $12.95 shipping.

2nd Mini Kiss stage by Chris Wesgate
Check out the Video, it is AWESOME :)

From Steve Carricato of Spacecraft Creation Models
The USS Sulaco From Alien 3 1:2400 scale resin model 13 inches long
Will be available at the end of the month.
Completed 5-14-19

Completed Build By Stan Koziol of Starling.
Pegasus 2005 War of the worlds Tripods Attack Diorama.
See it in action :)
Added 5/8/19

Model Builder James Stedall's completed 1/6 moebius B9.
See the video :)
Completed 5-5-19

Model Builder Brian Chapman's mini WOTW Diorama.
Whether you are a big fan of the movie War of the Worlds, or not
you have got to see the video of this in action, it is amazing :)
Completed 4-5-19 :)

UK Model Builder Danny Atree's 1/350 Client build.
Check out the photos of this amazing build :)
Completed 3-24-19 :)

Steve Carricato's Impressive 1/144 Narcissus E1 Shuttlecraft from the Movie "Alien"
Added 3-20-19

Awesome diorama by Geoff Lucier.
Why was doctor Smith always allowed to go on doing the things he did?
Robot finally had enough!!
Added 2/13/19

Steve Carricato's Re-Imagined StarWars Machine.
See photos for the awesome detail work.
Added 1/23/19

Steve Carricato's 2nd Seeker Spacecraft :)
be sure to Check on his progress regularly.
Updated Photos Detailing work 1/21/19

Steve Carricato's WIP Soyuz And Apollo mission.
Added 11-13-18

Steve Carricato's Completed Imperial Speeder
Updated photos 10-23-18

Steve Carricato's combination Resin and Scratch built Galileo 7 shuttle
Updated Photos 10-10-18 interior lighting

Bob Klem'a Narcissus E1 Shuttlecraft from the Movie "Alien"
Added 9-29-18

Steve Carricato's combination Resin and Scratch built Galileo 7 shuttle
Added 9-24-18

Steve Carricato's Resin Starfigher built by Model Builder Steve Shaffer
in FineScale modeler.
Added 9-5-18

Steve Carricato is rebuilding his Starfleet.
Checkout the 3 ships he has completed so far.
Added 9-1-18 Photos :)

Bob Klem's Space Jockey Diorama from the Movie "Alien."
Updated 8-27-18 Photos :)

Steve Carricato's "The Seeker SpaceCraft"
Completed Build photos
Updated 8-25-18

Bob Klem's Space Jockey Diorama from the Movie "Alien."
Added 8-22-18

Peter White's Moebius B9 with seamless bubble
and Starling light and sound kit:)
Added 8-22-18

Steve Carricato's Completed Tos Viper W.I.P. Vipers vs the Mines on its stand :)
and his first Viper from 1990, a 1978 monogram "Jolly's Viper"see photos :)
Updated 8-11-18

Steve Carricato's Marauder from
Buck Rogers.
Added 7-12-18

Steve Carricato's 2nd Lighted Rogue One U-Wing
Added 7-09-18

Bob Klem's Colonial Marine APC from
"Aliens". Lights and sounds :)
Added 7-03-18

Here is Model Builder Geof Luciers amazing 3D Printed
Terminator 2 Judgement Day
Added 6-23-18

Chris Westgate KISS ALIVE
Scratch built stage, AWESOME!!
Video Updated 6-2-18

See Steve Carricato's amazing Star Wars Land Speeder.
Completed :)
Added 4-20-18

Israel Rosario's Personal 24" Robby with rotating antennas and gyros.
See Video.
Added 4-15-18

David Reabe's 24" Trendmaster B9 Modified by Starling.
Photos and Video
Be sure to check David's channel regularly for updates
on this build.
Added 4-14-18

Completed USS Reliant by Model Builder Danny Attree of the UK.
Check out Video and photos of his beautiful build :)

Steve Carricato's Completed build of the Jupiter 2
for the Curtis Hughes Collection.
Featuring one venders lights, and our J2 inflight sound board.
Video and photos 2-24-18

Steve Carricato's completed B9
featuring lights and sounds using the eco
B9 Life Force kit:).
Video Added 2-11-18

Steve Carricato's Client W.I.P of the Narcissus Resin model
from the Movie "Alien" with lights and sounds
is now complete.
Updated 2-03-2018

Steve Carricato 2nd Build of Rey's Speeder W.I.P.
Part 1 adding Starling engine light and sound effects.
Be sure to check back as this page with be updated regularly.
Added 12-31-2017

Steve Carricato's Darth Vader Tie fighter W.I.P.
Added 1-13-17

Rey's Speeder by Steve Carricato
Added 11-22-2017

Added 11-19-17
Spacecraft Creation models Steven carricato has shared another
1:35 Buck Rogers Starfighter resin model build.
Resin kits are available for purchase :)

USS Voyager By Gaetano D'Agostino
Features the Starling Phaser array effect.
See his build process and completion :)
Added 11-15-17

Trophies for Geof Lucier's completed Diorama of a scene from the
movie THEM. See the video and visit his home page :)
Updated 11-11-17

See Stephen Hamedl's Beautiful Cylon Raider
Added 10-17-17

Steve Carricato has just completed another
Star Wars U-wing with Engine Mod.
See Video and photos.
Updated 10-03-17

Another awesome video shared by Model Builder Mark Myers
of his completed B9 Build using the Starling B9 2.0 Life Force unit:)
Added 8-30-17

Steve Carricato's WOTW W.I.P.
Follow along with his build.
Completed!! Part6
Updated 8-14-17

Israel Rosario's 16" Masudaya Robotoid
vs 16" Masudaya B9 Diorama.
Added 7-27-2017.

Visit Geof's page to see this beautiful
King Kong Diorama :)
Added 7-10-2017

Steve Carricato's 1/2 Studio Scale BSG
We have more photos of detailing added to the ship.
Photo Updates 7-05-2017

See video and photos of the Atlas Elevated Gate Tower
Kit #701 for HO Model railroads.
Added 6-16-2017

See video and photos of My completed Pegasus
Martain War Machine.
Added 6-1-2017

Steve Carricato's table in Denver at StarFest
From Apr.21 - 23 2017
Posted 4/24/2017.

Visit Geof's pages to see these beautiful works of art :)
Added 4-18-2017

No Mans Land : Sniper Drone Kit from
Industria Mechanika Added 4-18-17

Paul Bishops Beautiful 1/12 scale Robby the Robot.
Be sure to adjust the video resolution in youtube
for best viewing
Added 4-2-2017

NASA HL10 by Steve Carricato
Awesome Build!!


1/350 AMT KBOP Completed
by Stan Koziol of Starling Technologies
Awesome Lights and Sounds


1:29 scale Red 3 X-Wing
built by Steve Carricato
of Spacecraft Creation Models


1/350 scale SS Botany Bay Resin Model
built by Steve Carricato and availble at
Spacecraft Creation Models 2/18/2017.


Model Builder Vaughn Macphail is building the
CGI version of the 2003 Cylon Raider from the 1/32 Moebius kit.
The build features many modifications and awesome techniques
used to get the job done.
He will be adding a third engine and the
Starling light kit, as well as many many other mods :)
Visit his post for the W.I.P. it is amazing
Also visit his facebook page!
Added 1-22-17

B9 Build by Seven Blasini.
Lights and Sounds!!
Added 1-16-17

War of the Robots
By Jay Bass
Added 12-19-16

1/350 scale SS Botany Bay Resin Model
built by Steve Carricato and availble at
Spacecraft Creation Models 11/14/2016.


Steve Carricato's 2nd TOS Raider is complete.
Features our Life Force kit with Cockpit and Centurion kit.
Absolutely Beautiful :)
Added 10-30-16

Todd Edmister USS Reliant W.I.P.
Stay up-to-date with his build :)
Added 10-25-16

Ron Seipel's 1/32 Enterprise Command bridge with scratch built dome.
Beautiful work :)
Ron sent more photos and shared his building procedure.
Updated 10-01-16

Mechanized 1/6 B9 W.I.P
by Richard Smith
Added 4-19-2016

Updated 9-30-16 Video of Bubble up/down control.

David Holderbaum's Lost in space Derelict.
Added 8-27-16

David Holderbaum's Seaview Diorama
Be sure to view David's other works of art.
Added 8-27-16

Guy Barresi 16" Masudaya Robby The Robot
Brought to Life.
Added 7-18-16

Morgan Deane's Big E and Red 3
Beautiful Builds :)
Added 6-29-16

Updated 5-18-16
Spacecraft Creation models Steven carricato has released his
1:35 Buck Rogers Starfighter resin model kits.
See Steve's completed Starfighter

Luiz Renato Fogagnolo of Brazil builds.
Kazon Torpedo, USS Enterprise 1701-C, and
Romulan Warbird with 800mw Green Laser
Added 5-9-16

Pre-Built Martian War Machine By Jay Bass
Lights and sounds.
Added 5-7-16

Jay Bass Jupiter 2 and Space Pod Diorama.
See Photos and Video.
Lights and sound.
J2 Updated with Inflight sound board 5-6-16

Geof Lucier's Martian War Machine Diorama.
See Video.
Updated Video 5-2-2016

Completed Monogram and Moebius
TOS Vipers by Steve Carricato
Added 4-8-2016

Joe Siler 12" Deluxe C57D W.I.P
From the movie "Forbidden Planet."
Added 3-23-2016

Geof Lucier's Completed Resin Gort
From the original movie "The day the Earth Stood Still."
Added 3-19-2016

Geof Lucier's Completed model of the Thetan Creature
from the original Outer Limits TV show,
"The Architects Of Fear."
Added 3-19-2016

Steve Carricato's 1/32 TOS Viper
Completed: Video Update
Added 3-15-2016

Geof Lucier's scratch built Nazi Monster Diorama.
See Video.
Added 2-29-2016

UPDATED with Video: TOS Cylon Raider W.I.P
By Steve Carricato.
Be sure to check back for updates. Added 12-28-2015

Robert Daggett's the 2002 Resin Time Machine.
Added 12-18-2015

Israel Rosario customizes 16" Masudaya Robby's
For clients
Added 12-18-2015

Harvey Bass's Enterprise Command Bridge!
Take a LOOK:)
Added 12-18-2015

Steve Carricato's Narcissus E1 Shuttlecraft Resin model
from the Movie "Alien".
Unfinished resin model is $90. +SH 14.95
Added 11-24-2015

Geof Lucier's "The Pet".
For sale on Ebay.
Added 11-5-2015

Revell X-Wing from the Force Awakening Star Wars Movie

By Steve Carricato
Added 9-23-2015

Commission build of Martian War Machine
By Steve Carricato
Added 8-28-2015

Ceramic Christmas Tree
By Chris Westgate
Added 8-26-2015

2005 WOTW completed model
By Starling Technologies
Stan Koziol
Added 8/8/2015.

Harvey Bass has completed his 1/350 KBOP
With Lights and Sounds!!
Added 7/14/2015.

Robert Daggett's Nautilus
Added 7/12/2015.

UPDATE: SEE Video added 7-6-2015.
Robert Daggett's H.G. Wells The Time Machine.

Paul Johnson Jupiter 2 Diaroma.
A Beautifully lit J2 build.
Added 6/25/2015.

UPDATE: SEE Video added 6-13-2015.
Robert Daggett's unbelievable Scratch Built H.G. Wells The Time Machine
and Scratch built Lever.

Beautiful Scratch Built Zoetrope by
Model Builder Robert Daggett.
See photos and Video.
Added 6/12/2015.

1/350 Refit by James Wood is SOLD.
Some lucky individual is the proud owner of this amazing build.
Added 5/13/2015.
See Video.

Robert Daggett Wins Awards for his
HG Wells Time Machine.
Added 4-24-2015.
Paul Johnson's Refit
Added 4-18-2015
Full Size B9 and J2 Elevator built by Sandy Rivera
Added 4-14-2015
Chris Westgate's Flat Bed Wrecker.
Lots of custom detail work. Added 4-8-2015

Tony Quinns Martian War Machine
and custom Base.
Video added 4-4-2015

Michael Cothern's J2 with LIVE interior.
Added 3-16-2015.

Steve Carricato's Detailed X-Wing Red-3
Added 3-12-2015.

Arne Sandness Awesome 1/6 Moebius B9
Using our B9 2.0 Life Force Unit.
Added 3-6-2015.

Arne Sandness Viper and Martian War Machine build.
Awesome Paint, lighting and E/FX™
Added 2-18-2015.

David-Holderbaum Perfect J2 Build
Added 2-12-2015.

Robert Daggett's unbelievable Scratch Built H.G. Wells The Time Machine
and Scratch built Lever.
Added 2-3-2015.

Robert Daggett's Martian War Machine with Custom Base
Added 2-3-2015.

Harvey Bass K'tinga Battle Cruiser.
Added 1-21-2015.

Israel Rosario 16" Masudaya Robby The Robot.
Another build is in progress.

Added 12-28-2014.

Mark Foot's C-57D WIP with Starling Sound board.
More photos will be added.

Added 12-28-2014.

Michael Cotherns Awesome 1/350 TOS 2.0 Completed.

Martian War Machine By Harvey Bass Completed!.
Updated 12-10-2014.
WIP Added 5/25/2014.

Steve Carricato's Commission build of the 1/144 scale C-57D
Added 11/9/2014.

Refit WIP by James Wood.
Jame's build is closer to completion. He has provided photos
and info of his lighting and light board installation. Added 11/5/2014.

Hank Tintoni's 18" Mobius Jupiter 2
Added 11/2/2014.

Steve Carricato's Commission build of the Moebius 1/6 scale B9
Added 10/18/2014.

Steve Carricato's Commission build of the Polar Lights 1/350
TOS NCC-1701 Enterprise. Lots of nice photos for your enjoyment.
Added 9/8/2014.

Geoffrey Lucier's WIP of the Martian War Machine using our WOTW
Life Force kit.
Nice Tips Provided.
Added 9/2/2014.

A unique mod of the MWM by Geoffrey Lucier.
Added 8/25/2014.

Beautiful 1/350 scale Enterprise NX-01 built by
Michael Cothern.
New photo demonstrates the Deflector
in low power mode.
Added 8/17/2014.

Polar Lights 1/12 scale B9 by Mark Schenewerk
using the B9 life force kit.
Added 7/30/2014.

Scott Withers has completed his Polar Lights 1/12 scale Robby
using the RC life force kit.
You can also see his 1/6 B9 kit. Added 7/15/2014.

Refit WIP by James Wood. Amazing way to spotlight the bridge
Added 6/26/2014.

This is one awesome Qo'noS 1 build by David Windham
Added 6/22/2014.

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