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Movie and Series Effects


M41A   Our Colonial Marines M41A pulse Rifle light and sound kit brings your Prop to Life
with awesome features like an LED Mag counter display, Pulse rifle light and sound effects
operated by it's own trigger and the U1 grenade launcher light and sound effect
on it's own activation switch. Take a Look :)

Star Wars

Tie fighter   Imperial Tie Fighter Life Force kit. Bring your Imperial Tie-fighter to Life
with effects including eerie glowing red cockpit,red ion engines with sounds, and
green blasters with sounds. Kit is universal for the various scaled models.

Millennium Falcon   Bring your Millennium Falcon to Life with independent control of dual quad turrets firing just like in the movies, amazing engine effects and more! See and hear all the effects in action on our HD video!! Available with our new Stereo sound board!!


Martian War Machine.   Take full control of this drone with ultra realistic Life Like effects
providing continuous running engine effects as well as Gun LED firing effects,
which feature 2 firing rates, along with spotlights, and tail lighting. Controlled by 2 push buttons.

War of the Worlds

Tie fighter   New Life Force light and sound kit
for the Pegasus model #9006 "War of the Worlds" Tripods ATACK diorama.
The menacing Tripods set the city on fire with amazing lights and sounds!!
We bring the Box Art to Life!!

Martian War Machine.   WOTW War Machine Life Force Kit was designed for the Pegasus 1/48 scale Martian War Machine provideing lights and sounds for one of SciFi's most iconic space crafts ever filmed. This kit provides the most amazing effects available anywhere. See Videos.

Martian War Machine.   The 2005 WOTW Tripod Life Force Kit was designed for the Pegasus 1:144 scale Alien Tripod providing Awesome Lights and Sounds Fans from around the World are sure to enjoy. See Video.

Ghost Busters

Ecto1 siren.   Add this Iconic sound to your Ghost Busters Ecto1 with our Crystal Clear High Quality Sound board.

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