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   Whether you are building your project using products from Starling Technologies™ or not, the diagrams below will help you in getting started with your lighting project. We would like to make things as simple as possible for you.

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Toggle switch setup.    Diagram of Model base electronics. This Diagram shows the typical way of adding power to toggle switches and circuits without any type of interactive push button circuits, using a regulated power supply.

Toggle switch and Push button setup.    Another Diagram of Model base electronics. This diagram shows how to connect toggle switches and add push buttons for interactive circuits such as the ones offered by Starling Technologies™.

Voltage regulator.    Diagram of unregulated Power Supply using setup with an adjustable voltage regulator.

You may have noticed in the diagrams there are wires, such as the ground wire, branching out to multiple circuits. Some of you may wonder how to connect these. You can simply strip insulation off the main wire at the point where the new wire is needed, then solder and heat shrink the end of a new wire to it. Or you can purchase a "Terminal strip".

Terminal Strip.

Termial strips make adding wires easy, as you do not need to solder and heat shrink. Simply posiition it in a central area, screw down your main wire, and add wires from there.

We hope the information provided on this page will make your project more enjoyable.

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