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Aliens Pulse Rifle.

   Starling would like to take this opportunity to thank Dan Johnson
for doing this AWESOME build up of his 3D printed M41A rifle using the
Starling light and sound kit.
Dan did a super job of printed custom parts for proper fitment of this specific kit.

Aliens Pulse Rifle
  We are so excited to release our prop kit for this famous rifle in the movie "Aliens"
The Colonial Marines M41A pulse Rifle.

Kit features LED Mag counter display, Pulse rifle light and sound effects
operated by it's own trigger and the U1 grenade launcher light and sound effect
on it's own activation switch.
   This kit comes as a plug-n-play kit so that you may test out of the box.
But due to the nature of the rifle, whether 3d printed, resin or toy,
you will be required to cut, splice and customize to fit.

Runs on 6v or 9v.

Kit Includes: some soldering may be required.
  • 1x Fully assembled APR light circuit with LED counter, sound board, and 9v battery holder.

  • 1x Rifle harness with 3x 5mm LEDs.

  • 1x U1 Grenade launcher harness with 3x 5mm LEDS.

  • 3x Pre-wired push buttons.

  • 1 PDF manual emailed after purchase.

  • Dan Johnson's Complete Build up webpage.

  • M41A prop.

  • Modeling Tools.

  • And other items recommened in Dan's build up.

These are in limited quantity due to the microchip shortage.

Dan Johnson's Rifle and how it works.

Dan Johnson's awsome 3D Printed build, How beautiful is this? :)

APR light and sound kit

If the Item is out, you may email a request TO:

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