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HAL9000 light & Sound.

   We are excited to release our P-N-P light and sound kit for the infamous computer
from the movie "2001: A Space Odyssey".

    Features red glowing eye and 30 phrases with extremely high quality
life like sound activated by a motion sensor.
Volume is adjustable by small blue trim-pot.

   Kit is completely assembled to fit inside HAL,
all you have to do is add 3xAAA batteries and turn on the switch.

This is a great first time kit for someone who has never added
lights and sounds to a model before.

Included in kit:
1x The H.A.L high quality sound efx board activated by motion sensor.
1x on/off slide switch.
1x 3x AAA battery holder.

No soldering required.
Model Master clear parts cement & window maker or equivalent.
Drill bits

Model shown is not included.


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