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Added 7-27-2015 Robotoid Vs B9

Model builder Israel Rosario has completed this amazing diorama
with a 16" Masudaya Robby and a 16" Masudaya B9. Israel installed
our modified Robby Life force kit, and for the first time ever,
we modifed the B9 2.0 Life Force Unit which, as you can see, he
successfully installed. Both bots have Remote Control voice activation.

What a Beautiful Display :) :)

If you need a Robby built up, you can reach Israel from
this page: Israel's Build Service"


UPDATE:12-2015 Israels 2nd 16" Robby.

  Israel has completed his second 16" Robby
using one of our custom Life Force Kits.
He's added a lot of awsesome blinkys to this Bot.

   Model Builder Israel Rosario installed a custom Robby Life Force ™
kit into a 16" Masudaya Robby. Check out the Video.

He will be installing a custom kit, which includes a few more options, into another
16" Robby. We'll be waiting on some photos and a video of that one as well.



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