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  Robby or B9 Custom Build up Service.

Added 4-15-18
See video below of Israels 24" Robby with rotating anntenas
and Gyros inside Robby's head, as well as chest flipper
light effect ,It is AWESOME!!!.

Updated 2-11-2018
Israel now offers rotating antenna option for your Robby!! :)

Added 2-11-18 Israel now offers our lighting to mimic Robby's
chest flipping swiches.
See videos.

Model Builder Israel Rosario does amazing work customizing
12", 16" and 24" Masudaya Robby the Robots
with amazing lights and sounds. He also adds remote control
for clients who would like remote activation.
Check out the Photos and Video below.

Israel also customizes the Masudaya 16" B9 from Lost in Space.
See the video below, Robotoid vs B9

If you would like more information or an estimate for customizing
your Robby, or would like to own one of these amazing pieces,
you may contact Israel at:

He really does an incredible job:)

A nice email from a Happy client :)
Dear Stan: Israel did a spectacular job! Your kit worked seamlessly
and perfectly! Cannot find the words to express how happy I am with this.
You must be commended on your efforts as the whole set-up is
a tremendous asset to all the Robby kits out thereby the vintage or new.
It was worth every penny!
Just thrilled with it all!!!
Video to follow!
Best as always, Guy Barresi

Added 4-15-18
Israels 24" Robby with rotating antennas and Gyros.

Added 2-11-18 Our chest flipping switches light effect Option

Added 9-30-17 Rotating Antenna Option:

Update: 7-27-17 Robotoid vs B9
See Israel's Masudaya Robby and B9 Diorama.


Guy Barresi Robby the Robby the Robot.

Another build by Israel.

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