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NIK light & Sound.

Designed and built in the USA

   For the Fans of Lost in Space, Starling is pleased to release our all new
Plug-N-Play E/FX™ Life Force light and sound kit for Captain Tuckers
Disappearing/Teleporting Mechanical Parrot, N.I.K.
We also designed the optional 3D printed Model as close as possible.
    The 3D printed model is printed in strong "Silver" PETG for those that may not
want to go through the process of sanding, filling and painting, as this is a pretty
nice model assembled as is.

   Board features circuits for NIKs illuminated eyes, when he talks, and blinking
antenna light synced as he speaks one of 20 different Phrases. NIK is Activated
by Radio control.

   Designed for ease of use and built with top quality components to last.
Only one connector made via 2-pin JST connector and runs on 3xAAA batteries.

Included in Light/Sound Kit:

  • 1x NIK light board.
  • 1x High quality sound board with 40mm speaker.
  • 1x 3xAAA battery Holder.
  • 1x 0402 white prewired LED for inside the antenna.
  • 4x 5mm white prewired LEDs are provided for inside head.
  • 1x 2pin JST connectors with lead.
  • 1x Prewired push button on/off switch.
  • 1x 3D printed LED holder.
  • 1x Clear tube and aluminum tube for Antenna.
  • 1x Radio control receiver and key fob.
  • NIK PDF manual
Included with 3D printed NIK:
  • All 3D printed parts to Build NIK.
  • 2x Clear acrylic eyes.
  • 1x light Diffusion sheet.
  • 1x sheet of screen for beak.
  • 12x rivets for wings.
The lighting kit doesn't require any special tools, just batteries.

For the 3D printed model, we will show you what we
use and what you'll need, so PLEASE READ THE MANUAL :)

How it works: Press the on/off push button to turn on NIK.
Use the key fob to activate NIK. With every press of the key fob, NIKs eyes
will steadily illuminate while his antenna flashes in sync to the 1 of 20 phrases.
If you leave NIK on, NIK will remind you every 2min of inactivity with a set of Whistles :)

New video of my completed NIK 5-5-24

Note: Video states 30 phrases but 20 phrases is correct.

Our 3D Printed model shown.

Light and sound kit shown below.

Optional 3D printed Model kit.

Choose your kit below:
We only have a few instock until we can determine what the demand for this product will be.
Please NOTE: 3D Print can take up to 1week before we ship.

   All 3D models are completely assembled and then taken apart before shipping.
I drill holes, add pins where needed, file and sand to make sure the parts fit.
You can refine any further fitment if needed.
    NIK stands 8 1/8" Tall from Feet to top of head and 9 9/16" tall from Feet to
top of antenna. Length from tail to antenna is a little over 13" and about 5 1/4"
    Electronic kits are fully tested with the radio control.

NIK Kits

Added 3-13-24 My personal completed NIK :)

If the Item is out, you may email a request TO:

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