Background By:
Jeffrey Gaskin.




Here is my completed 2005 movie version of
"The War of the Worlds" Tripods Attack
using our Tripods Attack Life Force Kit.

  This is the same mocked-up model featured in our kit Advertisement.
After 2 years, I finally got around to it , so here is a little write up. :)

  Most of the paints used were Testors Acrylics. The tripods were painted aluminum,
covered with 2 coats of future, and washed with a mixure of enamal black and low
odor mineral spirits. After a couple days of drying, I painted them with 2 coats of
testers 4638 clear gloss.
  The base was a mixure of grey and black. I used rust around any buring structures
and blackened the inside of the main building.
The vehicles were painted in gloss acrylics, blacking the windows and tires.
   Using Gray gravel from my driveway, I used a hammer to break it down into
various sizes and sifted it through varous metal mesh. A mixture of elmers white
glue and water was applied to areas I wanted to add rubble and dust, including
on top of the vehicles. The Grass area was a mixture of Woodland Scenics
Fine Turf Green Grass(T45)and Earth(T42).
  I originally started out using cotton balls for the smoke, but found it to be too
I found poly fiber gave me more control. I left the smoke dense to diffuse the
LEDs and pulled and fluffed it thin through out the cloud. Most of it is pulled so thin
that you can see right through it.

  I really love how it turned out, it makes a nice display and in the dark, the lighting
encompasses the entire model making it stand out in its entirety. :)

Lighting kit available here.


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