Background By:
Jeffrey Gaskin.




Here is my completed 1/350 AMT Klingon Bird of Prey

  This is the same unfinished model I've used over the years to demo the
KBOP Plug-N-Play light and sound kit.
  I finally decided it was time to tear apart the old bird, file off the super-glue,
peel off the hot glue, and get it ready for some paint, which was quite a chore.
I thought of going with a Star trek III movie colored theme, but found photos
of 2 studio models that I decided to try and come close to.
  So after a nice clean airbrushed paint job and 4 light coats of Future polish,
it was time to make it dirty and rusty looking :)
  Running out of black enamel, I found a flat black enamel paint pen
and mixed some paint with a little odorless mineral spirits to create my wash.
Worked perfect and any mistakes could be easily removed with a dampened
cloth of mineral spirits, without effecting the future layers.
I applied salt to the rear of the bird and the back edges of the wings.
Using the wash, I lightly airbrushed over the rear areas, being careful not
to dissolve the salt. After hand painting some of the smaller details and applying
the wash to the rest of the ship, I applied 2 coats of future over the entire ship
to protect my work.
  It was time to apply the rust wash, which I used Model Master enamel Stain
Oxide 2 Rust #2. For some of the rust, I added a touch of red to the stain.
After that came 2 more coats of future and then a day later, 2 coats of
Model Master 4636 clear flat acrylic.
This paint job was accomplished over several weeks, as time permitted,
but was well worth it in the end.

I hope you guys enjoy the video and photos :)

Light and sound kit are available here :
KBOP light and sound Kit.


No seam work, other than cleaning up the sprue, was applied to this mode.

Fresh paint right out of the Q'onoS factory paint shop :)

Now we get covered with grim and rust :)

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