Background By:
Jeffrey Gaskin.




Here is the Atlas Elevated Gate Tower Kit #701
for HO Model railroads.

Added: 6-16-2017

  This was a project Steve Causey and I did a couple of years
ago for my Dad.
  I designed a tiny circuit board and programmed it for the white metal
Pot Belly Stove effect. I also added a steady 0402 white light for
lighting the room. Multiple layers of tan pain, not clear, were used
to coat the interior light to give it a dim incandescent color. The
Stoves light was painted with multipe layers of clear orange and clear
epoxied inside a hole I drilled in the stove.
  Steve built and painted the Tower kit. He also made the trees,
bushes and ground cover.
I added HO scale Scene Master railroad people, and enclosed
it inside a small glass display case.

  Because of its small size, this makes a nice display just about
anywhere in the home :)


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