Background By:
Jeffrey Gaskin.




Here is my completed 2005 movie version of
"The War of the Worlds" Tripod
using our 2005 WOTW Life Force Kit.

  This is the same model featured in our Advertisement video and photos.
The base was completed, washes applied and clear coated.

  So after a nice clean paint job, via Krylon Metallic Brilliant Silver,
it was time to make it dirty. Applying a wash really makes the Tripod stand out.
  I first airbrushed five coats of future floor polish then created a wash using
a pigmented black printer ink diluted with water.
Two versions, one was a 50/50 mix and another about 30% ink. Some areas
required the heavier ink. I worked in small areas and once the wash
dried, I dampened, not soaked, cotton swabs with rubbing alcohol, and
lightly rubbed the wash. You have to be careful because too much alcohol began
to soften the future. I applied another 3 or 4 coats of future.
  I applied the Future a little heavy on the first coat and a little of
the wash washed away, but ended up turning out great. Next time I'll know to
be a little more careful:)
  I liked the base that came with the model, so I spent more time than
I probably should have. I used Armory Clear Matte Sealer to finish it. You have
to watch out, after I sprayed it, some of the parts looked like I had sprayed
over dust. It made most of the base look more authentic, but I removed it from the
word "WAR". At first I had painted it testors red enamel, but it was too dark,
so I created a blood color from testers clear acrylic red
and a yellow #4771. I painted it on thick and wavy to look like runny blood,
then applied several coats of acrylic clear gloss.
  When the model was dry, I laid it down and installed all the electronics to
the bottom of the base. Then I finished it by attaching the tenticles and mandibles.

  Other than the 2 spots where my Purple LEDs scraped the lightblocking paint
towards the front triangle patterns, I'm extremely happy with the way it all turned out.
It was a very fun build without a lot of headaches.
Next time I wont use epoxy around obvious access points.


No seam work, other than cleaning up the sprue, was applied to this mode.
It's probably what made it so enjoyable :)

The photos were taken with the Tripod in display mode, all lights on.

In the day light, the camera wasn't picking up the light from the
slits around the center spot light, same for the purple lighting. Later that evening, the video
picked it up.

This is how it looks.

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