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Tony Phillips from Orlando Florida
Hi Stan!
  I just wanted to tell you that I received the new B9 lighting & sound kit in the mail yesterday,
and plugged it in for a test last night. It was amazingly cool, man!!! I'm really glad I paid
for all your hard work, especially on this new version 2! Putting all the small, colored chest
LEDs right on the board, and using the fine wire with the "brain LEDs" attached is a real
time-saver for me! And not having to deal with fiber optics at all? Yes, thank you! ;-)

  For a guy like me, with limited knowledge of electronics (yet I love to see them in models)
and how to put all this together, I think this is the only way I could ever add this level
of technology to my robot model. I'm so thankful that you are out there providing great
lighting & sound kits for your fellow model-builders! You are very much appreciated.

Thanks sooooo much, Stan!!! :-D>

Super Simple Kits for anyone to work with.
Custom Built in the USA.

Designed to plug into the chest of the 1/6 scale Moebius B9 model.

New! For those of you that do not want sound, just the chest lights, see that version for sale at end of page.Click here

In the true tradition of E/FX™, Starling proudly introduces
our latest Plug-N-Play Life Force Light and Sound kit,
The B9 2.0 Life force Unit.

  Completely designed to fit and bring the most Life like effects
to the Moebius 1/6 B9 Robot, there is no better or easier way to
add light and sound to your model.

   Built Heavy Duty with top quality components for longevity, our boards will last for generations.
Powered by 4.5v battery power.
Rechargeable 3xAAA batteries were tested and lasted 22hrs running continuously.
All kits are completely tested before packaging.

There is no soldering and no need to add any other lighting as
they are all set up in this kit.

  Our miniature circuit board plugs right into the chest and provides
many effects that are listed below including our
"No show " switch or pushbutton design.


This amazing effect features everything a fan of Lost In SpaCe
could want.

  • Available in 1st season Black/White or all other seasons in Color version.
  • Plug-N-Play B9 2.0 Life force Unit with all flashing and non flashing chest LEDs integrated into board.
  • Perfectly synced Light to Sound voice box using our bright Glow tube.
  • 3xAAA Battery harness.
  • Speaker and high quality sound board pre-loaded with 17 sounds with down-loadable software to add your own sounds if you wish.
  • Installed 0402 LEDs for the Brain.
  • A No Show switch or pushbutton design.
  • Easy to follow detailed installation instructions with many photos sent via email.
  • Optional voice activation RC control available.
  • Optional mechanical sound sound board available.
  • Normal modeling tools.
  • Favorite glue and clear epoxy.
  • Small piece of .010, .020 polystyrene white sheet or card stock.
  • Small pieces of Clear polystyrene sheet (optional.)
  • Paragrafix 1/6 B9 photo-etched kit (optional.)
  • Any 3x AAA Batteries. (Rechargeable recommended.)

Runs on 4.5volt (Not included)
Moebius 1/6 scale model not included.

Add batteries and you can play with the entire kit straight out of the package.

Model Builder Mark Myers B9

Video of our Mock up.



  Free Software option requires a computer with USB connection. Simple instructions are provided for use. Please do not order this option if you do not know how to edit, extract, or transfer sound files to your computer, instructions for these processes are not provided.

Note: There may be a 2 to 3 day extra delay in shipping the Black/white TV version.
Sound Software works with WinXP, Windows Vista, Win7 (Does not work with Win8 or 8.1)

$126.00 + shipping
Choice of color or black/white Tv version.
Software available to upload your own phrases to the board.

RC Unit: This option must be added to kit before shipping.
Operate voice activation by RF with this option.


Mechanical Sounds option:
  This optional sound board allows you to run the robots mechanical sounds in the background. Sound Board harness plugs into the back of the Life Force Unit.


B9 2.0 Chest lights only No Sounds Kit version:
Plugs right into the chest.
  This Plug-N-Play Version of the B9 2.0 kit is for those who want an easy way to install the chest lighting only, no voice box with sounds or bubble lighting.
You may still order the Mechanical sound board option above if you wish.

Everything is in this kit except for :
No Voice box lighting and sound.
No lighting for in the bubble.


Will be online for sale once we return.

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