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For AMT 808 and all classic versions of the AMT Command Bridge.

It is our pleasure to introduce to you our latest, and only Light and Sound kit available on the planet.
Bring your Bridge to Life while Commanding your own Starship with our Starship Command Bridge Light and Sound kit.

Cruise at warp speed while your crew perform their routine duties. Suddenly, red alert sounds, red lights flash throughout the ship while you come under attack from an alien vessel.

   Provides sounds: normal bridge activity, red alert and alien vessel. Lighting for all panels, chaser light for under view screen, random flashing lights for fiberoptic panel lighting, and red alert lighting activated when under attack.

Provides enough lighting for the AMT complete bridge or the classic half bridge versions of the TOS Enterprise Bridge.

High quality Light(with chaser) and Sound Boards Designed for ease of use and longevity.

Size of Lght board is 50mm x 43mm (1 15/16" x 1 11/16")

Runs on included 9v Wall adapter.

Detailed PDF manual with many photos and info.

Some of over 30 parts included in the Default kit.

Optional Pre-soldered Main Harness. All other LEDS and Light tape
will need to be soldered to this harness. Default kit comes with connectors
to make your own harness for those that are more
experienced with electronics.

Video and Photo

Added 1-24-22
Ron Seipel's 2nd completed custom Enterprise Command Bridge.

For a custom Build you can contact Ron at :
See photo and video below :)

See it in action :)

Here is a completed model by Modeler Harvey Bass
AWESOME, Harvey :)

This is not a completed model. A few sections of the bridge were modified to
demonstrate what the kit will do.
The models decals were used for demonstration. Paragrafix display screens are recommended.

Package Contents:

1 x Fully assembled Bridge light board with on board chaser lights.

1 x High quality sound board with speaker. Rear of board has 1/8" sound out jack for external amplified speakers if you wish to use them.

3mm red LEDs pre-wired.

5mm white LEDs pre-wired.

3mm white LEDs pre-wired.

2pin Male and Female jst connectors.

9v power supply.

DC jack.

piece of 1/4" polystyrene tubing.

Enough .5mm fiberoptics to get you started.

Push Button.

Power Button.

1x Detailed instructions emailed after purchase.


Recommended TOS Bridge Display Screens from ParaGrafix(optional) Link to site

Recommended TOS Bridge Photoetch Set for AMT 1/32 Paragrafix(optional) Link to site.

Scratch building of walls is required to hide lighting.

Custom built base is required for kit installation.

Your normal modeling tools.

Clear epoxy.

.040 - .080 polystyrene sheets.

Solder and soldering iron.

Heat shrink 2mm and 5mm or Black electrical tape.

100-220grit sandpaper.

Wire (Recommended 22awg )

  If you are a modeler who is a master at soldering and installing light kits, you can save some money and purchase the default lighting kit without options.
  If you're new to lighting or want to save some time and make things a bit easier, purchase the 2 options below.

Light and Sound Kit

Pre-Soldered Main Harness with 5 LED Fiber optic harness.(Note: LEDS and LED light tape still need to be soldered to this harness.)
This harness contains the DC jack and connections pre-soldered to make hookup easier.

Bridge Harness

If the Item is out, you may email a request TO:

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