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c57d Sound.

For all scales of C-57D.

  We are excited to release our latest sound board for the iconic flying saucer from the movie "Forbidden Planet".

Our all   NEW   C-57D engine sound board will add the final touch to your Saucer.
Sound board lets you switch from Take-OFF, to steady inflight loop, to landing with 3 separate switches.
Mount inside your ship or base.

As we all know, there was never a take-off scene and really no inflight sound for the ship other than the thrilling landing sequence.
So we came up with our own interpretation and recreation, matching as closely as possible, to the old scifi ship sounds used in the movie.
We've added a choice of reed switches and magnets so you can make a clean installation.

All switches are pre-soldered and wired, all you have to do is add the batteries and activate with included magnets if you choose Reed switch option.(Meaning: wave a magnet over the reed switch and it will activate the sound effect.)

Measures Approximately 2 " x 2" with battery pack. 1/4watt Speaker measures
1 1/2" diameter. If you have the room to spare, adding up to a 1/2watt speaker will add even greater sound.

Runs on 4.5volts Powered by 3 x AAA batteries.

WIP by Mark Foot using the sound board.

Package Contents: No soldering required.

  • 1 x Plug-n-Play C-57D engine sound board with reed switches and magnets(for activating reed switch)or pushbuttons with slide switch.
  • 1x Printed Detailed manual.

Guys, there is an option below for magnetically activated reed switches or conventional pushbuttons with slide switch.
If you're new to reed switches, they are fragile and can be a bit of a pain for new timers. If you're not sure, just order the pushbutton version.

C57D Sound Board
Switch Choice

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