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Here we have a Beautiful KBOP build by Steve Carricato of Spacecraft creation Models SCMs
using our KBOP light kit. Awesome job Steve!!!!!

Steve wanted to let us know, "I installed the sound board inside the model and installed an ear phone plug jack to the stand with one switch for on off and AC 9v adapter"

Under Steve's "2nd KBOP build", below, is one he will be selling.

Steve's second KBOP build.

This Time I added Landing Gears, Landing Lights, Red Proton Torpedos!,and the Wings in Landing posistion! But No sound effects. I added Fiber Optics and added afew more LEDs for the landing gear bays! It Also can Stand on its own! With out the Stand. I am in WIP on building a base, Like the Last one. However this one will be STAR TREK IV Voyage Home. I also am going to Add the HMS BOUNTY ON THE Port Side! Like the Movie Version! Maybe some Red Vulcan Landscape! When I am finished with the Base I am going to sell it for $1100.00+ SH $49.95 OBO.

You can contact Steven Carricato SCMs

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