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Update 1-13-17

Updated 12-20-17 Part 9 Completed Tie Fighter.
  Steve has completed his amazing Tie fighter, see the photos
and videos at the bottom of the page. Super Job Steve :)
This model us up for sale for $1400.00 plus shipping.

Steves model is also on display at
You can Contact Steve Carricato from Spacecraft Creation Models

Updated 11-19-17 Part 8
  Model builder Steve Carricato is getting down to the final process of his Darth Vader Tie fighter build and it is a beauty :)
See latest photos at the end of the page. Also take note of the little Imperial Droid :)

Updated 11-13-17

  Model builder Steve Carricato W.I.P of the MPC Darth Vader Tie Fighter using the Starling Technologies Tie Fighter Life Force light and sound kit.

Photos and Videos will be added regularly.

You can Contact: Steve Carricato Spacecraft Creation Models for a commission Build.

Visit Spacecraft Creation Models

Steve's build Parts 1 to 3.

Adding Details and fixing seams.

Added 8-27-17

Part 5 installing the electronics

Part 6 Testing Effects

Added 11-4-17 Part 7

Added 11-19-17 Part 8

Added 11-25-17 Part 9 Completed.
I cut out the windows used acetate and I used future
floor wax seal. So much better than the MPC plastic

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