Background By:
Jeffrey Gaskin.




   Photos of lighting Baltar added 4-20-18

   Photos of Raider Stripes and Cockpit detail Added: 4-4-18
see the amazing custom detailing :)

   Professional Model builder Steve Carricato's W.I.P. of
his 3rd Tos Cylon raider, this time with Baltar :), which
is lit by our updated light and sound kit.
Part 4 shows Steve's 3d printed engines and accurizing of
various areas of the ship.

Contact: Steve Carricato of Spacecraft Creation Models for a commission Build.
If you've been following Steve's work, then you know he's exceptionally talented.

Part 1 and 2.

This process is worth every minute of your time, it is
stronger than the brass photo-etch and looks great!!

Part 3 and 3 1/2 Electronics.

Custom cockpit and painted stripes.

Lighting up Baltar.

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