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Added 10-3-17.
Another awesome build and paint job :)
Steve Carricato has just finished another u Wing With modified lighting kit from the original Revell snap together. Basically what I did was I added 4 F superbright LEDs For the engines and tapped in to the circuitboard.

Update: 7-5-17 Video.
Steve's video demonstrates his engine mod for the u-wing.
Engine lights now come on when activated.

Updated 11-25-16: Steve has completed the U-wing from Starwars Rouge1.

  We have a Star Wars U-Wing WIP from spacecraft creation models,
Model builder Steve Carricato has kindly shared with us :)
Steve is doing a beautiful job as we've come to expect :)

You can Contact: Steve Carricato Spacecraft Creation Models for a commission Build.

Updated 12-03-16

Added 10-25-16

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