Background By:
Jeffrey Gaskin.




Last update: 8-14-17 Completed.
Steve did a beautiful job air brushing the base :)   

Steve Carricato is sharing his commission build W.I.P. of the Martian War Machine
using our WOTW Life Force light and sound kit.
  So if you are getting ready to start your build, follow along with
Steve's photos and videos and make your build a little more easy on yourself.

Part 1 through 5 below.

Or, if you would like a Professional build,
Contact: Steve Carricato Spacecraft Creation Models
for a commission Build.

Part 1

Part 2

Wet Sanding

Part 3 Invisible Legs.

Part 4 light and sound test before closing up.

Added 8-13-17 Part 5 Base parts, connections, and wet sanding.

Added 8-14-17 Part 6 Completeing the Base and finishing up.

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