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  Steve has finished another commission build, this one is of the 1/6 scale Moebius B9.
A beautiful piece of work. In Photo 9, Notice the bright lighting in the bubble, including finger lights. Excellent lighting job.

  Hi Stan I just finished another commission build for Schubert Nanjin Tam Collection.

This 1/6 scale model from Moebius is a fantastic kit for lighting! I added the Photoetch set from Para Grafix for the B-9 Brain and grates. The lighting kit is a plug -n- Go from Starling Technologies! The kit comes ready to go with sound and flashing LEDS and fiber Optics for the Brain stems. Also a pig tail for more Leds which, I used for the Brain stem and sensor rods. I made the torso move right to left and the claws/hands move up and down rists move 360 degrees . I put the The 9v Battery in the bottom of his right track, leg with the on off switch. B9 Robot speaks 17 Phrase refeing to Dr Smith and Will Robinson. My Favorite Is "DANGER" "DANGER WILL ROBINSON"! With the exception of my modification to the power pack reset button and voice button, brain stem sensors,which I made out of aluminum tubing and fiber optics at the ends. Also moving body parts it was a fun build!!!

Contact: Steve Carricato Spacecraft Creation Models for commission Build of B-9 robot Price $800.00 +SH $29.95 USA and World Wide.
Outstanding job Steve!!!!!

Video added 2-11-18

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