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Jeffrey Gaskin.




Chris Westgate has completed a Flat Bed Wreaker for a friend of his.
An Amazing custom job he did with stunning details.

This model truck is the front part of a tractor trailer and turned into a
flat bed wrecker. paint was black and gold and is now red and silver grey.
an axle had to be removed with fifth wheel and rear bumper. the bed was made
from scratch and fitted with rails and rear beacon with chains. L.E.D.'s
were added to the headlights, dome light in cab, dashboard, flashing beacons
on top of cab, front bumper and top of roll bar. flood spots were added to
roll bar facing flat deck and rear bumper. also brake lights and amber
flashers on rear bumper. 36 LE.D.'s in total. this was constructed for lowe's
service station's centennial 100th anniversary 1915 - 2015.

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