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cylon raider.

Custom Built in the USA.

From the Hit series Battlestar Galactica that aired in 2003, Starling Proudly introduces our completely awesome Plug-N-Play 1/32 Moebius Cylon Raider Full E/FX™ LED Effect kit.

This complete kit features the Cylon raider red eye that moves back and forth behind the visor(LEDs are already soldered to board), engine exhaust effect, 2 red LEDs for the missile bays for those who want to open up their missile bays, and "Guns A' Blazing" firing effect.

Comes with aluminum tubing to recreate the 2 guns in order to run Fiber Optics for this effect.

  Once again, Starling is proud to have Steve Causey use his professional modeling skills to build our Cylon Raider. See Home page for information in regards of contacting Steve if you would like a model built for you.

   Tiny circuit board with mini LEDs installs behind the visor area of ship for easy installation. Just plug in some connections, 4.5v wall adapter, and slide power switch on, no soldering required. This is one super easy, user friendly, drop in lighting kit.

An optional battery holder is available for purchase. It has the same connector as the wall adapter for easy use.


This 1/32 scale Cylon Raider was built by professional model builder Steve Causey using our latest Plug-N-Play kit.
All effects seen in video can be accomplished with this kit. Detailed instructions, tips and photos are provided.

NOTE: Engine flicker effect could not be captured correctly in video .

Package Contents:

1 x Fully assembled cylon raider circuit with LEDs and wired with switch.
1 x 4.5v dc wall adapter (Optional battery holder can be
  purchased to make model more portable.)

1 x Fiber Optics.
1 x 3/16" plastic tubing.
1 x Heat Shrink.
1 detailed PDF manual emailed after purchase.


Assorted aluminum tubing. The normal modeling tools, Paints and glues.
Testors or Tamiya Clear red.
Tape to help hold down wires.
Clear epoxy.
Hot glue.
Small flat screwdriver.

Optional 3aaa battery holder for those of you who don't want the 4.5v wall adapter. Because the base is to small, a pedestal may be built to hide the battery holder.

Steve Causey's Build

Missile bay and Engines.

Switch and power connection.

Complete Kit.

Model not included with kit.

Shipping is included

$60.00 USA
$78.00 International

Will be online for sale once we return.

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