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Jeffrey Gaskin.




Here we have an Awesome Robby build up by Carl Darby. using our Life force kit.

"I built it using the prargafix detail set. I scrathbuilt the transducer fins with acrylic rod and scratchbuilt the sensors on the weapons neutralizer bases with clear pastic sheeting.I attached the base of the weapons neutrlizers to the head piece and then drilled the holes for the fiber optics so I could blend these poorly fitting parts into the rest of the head. I tried installing fiber optics in the saxophone valves, but you couldnt see the lights after painting and I scratchbuilt a light on top of the gyros and passed a fiber optic cable through it, but it is too dim to see.

This was a very trying model.Very poor fit. I am quite happy with the end result"

Carl is currenly in the process of building a replicas unlimited 22 inch Space 1999 Eagle transporter.

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