Background By:
Jeffrey Gaskin.




Added 4-14-18
   Here is a 24" Remote control Trendmaster B9 Robot that I
modified,here at Starling, and installed a custom version of our
B9 2.0 Life Force Unit for David Reabe. He will be disassembling
it for painting and he has also sent out the arms to have new
ones made to scale.

  You can follow the rest of David Reabe's build on his youtube
channel here 24" B9as his build progresses.

  The modifications to this B9, including soldering up and wiring
in the custom light kit, took a little over 32hrs.
  There was a lot of drilling to do as the finger lights in the bubble
were solid and the radar dish had no holes for lighting.

The chest lighting was just one large sticker, no lighting at all.
There was also some scratch building of parts to hide lighting
and the Radar dish in the bubble had to be rotated 180deg as it
was manufactured backwards.

24" Trendmaster B9.
Remote driving and bubble movement are
part of the actual toy, not our kit.

The camera is over emphasizing the lighting making it look
many times brighter than it actually is.

Glow rods were used for the 2 large round lights and 10 square lights.

I created a prop power pack for the B9, it is around 1in square and turns
the power on when inserted.

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