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USS Defiant.

Custom Built in the USA.

   Introducing the Starling Technologies Complete Plug-N-Play light
and sound kit for the AMT/Ertl USS Defiant.

   Launch your Defiant into battle with Pulse Phaser Cannons
blazing, Quantum Torpedoes firing, then escape at Warp Speed.
   Kit also includes accurately timed Navigational strobes, interior and exterior
lighting, just about everything you've seen on the Defiant is covered here :)

   2 button interaction, one controls weapons and the other controls warp and
fading off of all lighting.

   This kit is also available in a "solder yourself" version and we also have the
Gen2 kit still available that provides only the Phaser cannons, Quantum
Torpedoes Nav strobes.

   There is absolutely no soldering required. Everything is labeled and coded.
Detailed manual is filled with photos and instructions for modifying parts such
as recreating the impulse engines to look like the studio version, and a
simple diagram shows how to plug everything in.
You can test your kit right out of the box after reading instructions of course. :)

Optional Remote control activation available.

Built with top quality components for longevity to last for generations.

Powered by provided 9volt power supply.

HD Video of our Mock-up. The model is not complete, but
demonstrates all the effects and some of the interior/exterior

Package Contents:

  • 1x Fully assembled USS Defiant light-sound activation board with sound board and speaker.
  • Sound board contains a 1/8" sound out jack that you may attach to a
    set of amplified speakers.
  • Multiple LED harnesses for interior/exterior lighting, Phaser cannons,
    Torpedoes, Warp, strobes, impulse, nacelles, plasma vents, purple
    vents on rear dorsal section of ship, and more.
  • Fiber optics.
  • 9v power supply.
  • Misc parts to help make your build easier.
  • 1 PDF manual emailed after purchase.


  • Your normal modeling tools,paints, and glues.
  • Small drill bits and drill.
  • Plastruct sheeting for scratch building .030".
  • DLM USS Defiant clear parts.
  • Hot glue and gun
  • 5min or 10min clear epoxy.

Plug-N-Play kits have a 2-3 day build up period before shipping.

Ultimate USS Defiant Plug-n-Play or Solder yourself kit:
Light and Sound Kit

Optional Remote control:
Activate your Defiant by remote from anywhere in your home.
The remote performs the actions of the wired push buttons.
NOTE: This option must be added before shipping the kit.


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