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Deflecto/Drive Control LED Effect board.

Custom Built in the USA.

NEW: Now includes Blue LED light strips for the warp nacelles.

Deflector/Drive Control with RCS Thrusters and Auto-Pilot™

Time to put Scotty to work, the new Engines have arrived!!

    At Starling Technologies™, we like to be creative and do a little more than just add a few simple blinking lights to your Starship. With the Photon torpedo, we added sound and multiple user interactive effects and introduced Battle Mode.

Now, We Boldly go were no vender has gone before.
We introduce a complete Engine and Navigational Array Effect.

No longer do you require a separate switch for:

  • Warp system Lighting.
  • Impulse System Lighting.
  • Stale, always on thrusters lighting.
  • And another switch for the Deflector lighting.
All are controlled with a single Push Button.

   The most advanced LED Special Effect available for your Starship, the Model# S-DEF-DRV-2 was designed for many of the Federation Star Ship models, including The Polar Lights 1/350 versions of Enterprise refit, and A. It is the first of its kind to deploy Deflector/ Drive Control with Pulsating Random RCS Thrusters, and Auto Pilot.

    Engine Control circuit includes control for Random RCS Thrusters, Impulse Drive Circuit and Warp Drive Circuit. Navigational Defector array color is controlled by RGB LED. This gives a more accurate color when ship is in low power mode, than has been previously available from other vendors. Color created is a Rose Copper, compared to the normally available orange/amber or yellow. Whether cycling through the effects in manual mode or Auto Pilot, every transition fades in and fades out. Warp Drive and Impulse Drive slowly fade in, then surge to there brightest setting. Random RCS Thrusters have a pulsating effect when on. May be used in other federation Star ships requiring this effect.

Designed for ease of use and longevity, and Small enough to fit inside the model itself or its stand.

Board Features

Measures Approximately 2 3/4" x 1 5/8" (70mm x 41mm)

Board contains LED circuits for Random RCS Thrusters, Impulse Drive System, and Warp Drive System.

Powered by 9 volt or 12 volt power supply either by battery or by a "Regulated" DC power supply adapter that you
plug in to the wall(Not Included)

Easy Connection via a 2-pin, 3-pin, 4-pin, 7-pin, 8-pin header block. JST Connectors with leads are included.

How it Works:

2 modes: Manual and Auto Pilot.

   In manual mode, you have the choice of displaying your model in one of 3 settings.

  • 1) Low power mode: Deflector is Rose Copper Color and RCS Thrusters are on-line.
  • 2) Impulse Drive: Thrusters are off-line, Deflector is Blue, and Impulse system is on.
  • 3) Warp Drive: Thrusters are off-line, Deflector is blue, Impulse system is off-line and warp drive is on.

   In Auto Pilot, the three events mentioned above are automatically transitioned. Each setting runs for around 30 seconds, back
and forth, until the push button is pressed.

    When board is first powered on, there is no activity, you are in Auto pilot / manual selection mode. Hit the button quickly takes you to manual mode. Deflector fades on to a Copper Rose color and RCS thrusters come on line. Hit the button again, RCS Thrusters go off line, Deflector fades to blue and Impulse drive fades on surges to full intensity. (Note: Holding the button for around 2 seconds will always take you back to your last setting.). Hit button again, Impulse fades off, and warp drive fades on and surges to full intensity. While at warp, hitting the button quickly, fades back to impulse or you can hold button for around 2 seconds and this will drop you to Impulse and down to RCS thruster mode with Rose Copper deflector. Hold button down for 3 seconds from here, returns you to Auto pilot / manual selection mode.

    While in Auto pilot / manual selection mode, hold button 2 seconds. You are now in Auto Pilot mode. This will continuously loop through RCS Thruster mode, Impulse mode and Warp mode until the button is pressed or power is turned off. Pressing the button any time during Auto Pilot mode will return you to Auto pilot / manual selection mode. Each event lasts around 30 seconds before transitioning to the next.


   Props in video are for demo only. The Impulse drive is shown lit by only 1 amber LED, and the Warp drive is shown lit by only 2 blue LEDs. Impulse and Warp circuits allow up to 10 pair of LEDs, 2 in series for a total of 20 LEDs on Impulse circuit and 20 LEDs on warp circuit. This allows the builder to make both effects as bright as needed.

Blue LED light strips are now provided for warp nacelles.

   Included in the Deflector/Drive Control with RCS Thrusters and Auto-Pilot™ KIT
  • 1) Fully assembled Circuit board and everything listed below.
  • 1) Yellow/Green color(Whichever is available)Momentary Push Button.
  • 2) Blue LED light strips for the warp nacelles.

(Note: Power Supply is not Provided)

   Resistors are included for all LEDs for up to 9v power source.

   After purchase, a link will be provided to a 14 page Detailed PDF Instruction Manual including LED setup, Easy to follow color wiring diagram, LED and resistor help, Proper Deflector Diffusing, Some Tips on Light blocking, and installing kit.

   All boards are tested before packaging.

Shipping Included.

$85.00 USA
$97.00 International

Will be online for sale once we return.

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