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Custom Built in the USA. Check our FEEDBACK.

 With Starling Technologies™, there is no need to solder to the circuit board, but you always have that option :)

    The  Model# S-DCC-1  RGB Deflector Color Control board was designed for those of you who do not want the many features offered in the Model# S-DEF-DRV-2. It offers the same color, Rose Copper and Blue, with out Warp, Impulse, and RCS thrusters and is small enough to accommodate a wide range of scaled Federation Star Ship models, including The Polar Lights 1/350 versions of
Enterprise Refit, and A.

 May be used in other federation Star ships requiring this effect.

   Designed and built with the same quality you've come to expect from Starling Technologies™. Simple to use and small enough to fit inside the model itself or its stand.


Board Features

Measures Approximately 1 1/2" x 1 1/8" (38mm x 28mm)

Board contains LED circuit for Deflector Array.

Powered by 6 - 12 volt power supply either by battery or by a "Regulated" DC power supply adapter that you plug in to the wall(Not Included)

Easy Connection via  2 2-pin and 1 4-pin connector. JST Connectors with leads are included.

Wire and some soldering required.

How it Works:

    When power is applied, light is off.

Press button once, Rose Copper fades on.

Press button again, Fades to blue.

Hold button for about a second, fades back to Rose Copper.

Hit button again will fade to blue, but holding the button for 3 seconds fades effect off.


     This is the video for Model# S-DEF-DRV-2. Please pay attention to only the Deflector fade/color effects. The board for auction does not control Impulse, Warp or RCS Thrusters, only the deflector color.

  Props in video are for demo only. 


Included in the RGB Deflector Color Control KIT

   1) Fully assembled Circuit board
      and everything listed below.

   1) Green/Yellow Push Button ( Which ever is available)

   1) 4 pin JST connector.

   2) 2 pin JST connectors. 

   1) 5mm RGB LED.

   1) Heat Shrink.

(note: Power Supply is not Provided)

  After Sale, a link will be provided to a  Detailed PDF Instruction Manual including LED setup, Easy to follow color wiring diagram, Proper Deflector Diffusing, Some Tips on Light blocking.

All boards are tested before packaging and shipping.

If you have any questions, please "Contact Seller" and I'll get back to you ASAP. Check out our FeedBack.

   All boards are tested before packaging.

Shipping Included.

$95.00 USA
$113.00 International

Will be online for sale once we return.

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