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Custom Built in the USA.

   If you have your Enterprise E stuffed in the closet waiting for an
inspirational moment in time to start your build, I hope your wait
is finally over :)

  Starling proudly introduces our latest E/FX™ Light and sound kit for
the AMT Sovereign Class Federation Star Ship Enterprise NCC-1701-E models.

  This exciting new kit provides an Enhanced cinematic 3 Phaser Array Light
and sound effect featuring a pulsing phaser as well as cinematic Bussard
Plasma effect, creating some of the most life like effects for the Sovereign
Class Star Ship. We've also added Awesome torpedo light and sound effects as
well as warp engines light and sound effect, and screen accurate navigational
strobes by use of 0402 LEDs and fiber optics. Interior lighting, impulse engine,
Deflector, and front spot lighting are also available.

Phasers, torpedoes and warp effects are controlled by 3 separate buttons.
3 button Radio control option available at bottom of page. No IR or WIFI.

May be used in other federation Star ships requiring the effects.

Built in the USA with top quality components for longevity.

Powered from 9 volt power supply either by battery or DC power supply
adapter that you plug in to the wall (Not Included when separate
modules are purchased).

  This kit is so massive,
The Enterprise E kit may be purchased in All Lighting Kit or in separate
Separate modules allow the builder to pick and choose their desired effects
without getting all the extras that they may already have on hand.

Note: Separate modules do not include a power supply, interior window
lighting or spot lights. Certain modules may not include external Nav
lighting unless specified. Module 1 will not include nacelle lighting.

Video Demo is an unassembled Mockup of the ship demonstrating the kits effects.

Photos of some of the kits effects.
Plasma Packs. Plasma packs provide realistic plasma
effect for nacelle Bussard collectors.

All Light and sound kit. Glow-rods provide a beautiful glow for the nacelles.

All Light and sound kit. High resolution 3 pattern phaser effect.
See video for demo of all effects.

All Light and sound kit. Beautiful Impulse Glow.

1x Downloadable Detailed Pdf manual filled with many photos.
See All lighting kit and each module for what is included.

Normal modeling tools
Mini drill bits
Favorite glue and/or clear epoxy
Heat shrink and Hot-glue(optional, but recommended)
Soldering iron / Solder
22awg 26awg plastic insulated wire and 30awg magnet wire
Alligator clip for heat sink
Future floor polish (optional)
Micro Krystal Klear(optional) for clear windows.
Pieces of .020" or .030" polystyrene sheet
Custom base to stow away most of the electronics.
Hollow metal tube (aluminum, brass or copper) of 3/8" OD maximum to support ship.

Note: If you have ordered any of the modules instead of All lighting kit,
you may not have some of the listed items in All lighting kit.

Warning: If you are new to open electronics and lighting models, this may not
be a good first kit to try. Something like the WOTW kit would be a great
first kit to help initiate you into this awesome hobby :)
All Light and sound kit.
All lighting Kit Includes:

Modules 1,2 and 3.
Pre-wired Interior white LED tape lighting.
0402 pre-wired white LED and resistors for
      forward insignia Spot light.
9v 2.5amp power supply.
Female DC jack.
Main power on/off button.

All Light and sound kit.
Module 1 Includes:

Effects for phaser array, torpedoes,
warp engine, also fade effect for Deflector,
nacelles(lighting not included), and impulse drive.

1x XYZ Board with sound board(with speaker) for activation of:
Jst male connectors.
1. Phasers controller.
Push button.

2. Torpedo.
Pre-wired white LED.(resistor is on board)

3. Warp.
Pre-wired White LEDs
1/4w resistors

4. Fading on of Deflector and impulse LEDs.
3mm red LEDs (Impulse)
1/4w resistors.(Impulse)
3mm LED (Deflector)
1/4w resistor (Deflector)
Deflector glow rod

No nacelle LEDs included, user may add their own.
Resistors are required.

1X 15 channel phaser array board (Provides phaser array effect.)
3mm LEDs
Jst connectors

All Light and sound kit.
Module 2 Includes:

includes Bussard plasma packs(Pre-wired LEDs
in correct pattern)effects for nacelles, and
2 patterns of nav strobe effects timed as
seen in the movies.

1x Mini Legion Multi Function Board Provides effects for
      Bussard plasma, Nav strobes, and steady Nav lighting.
2x pre-wired plasma packs for nacelles
0402 pre-wired LEDs
3mm green
3mm red
3mm white
1/4w resistors
.5mm Fiber optics
Jst connectors
3mm heat-shrink

All Light and sound kit.
Module 3 Includes:

Includes pre-wired glow rods for nacelles and light
for magnetic field sensor array.

2X Blue glow rods pre-wired with resistors.
0402 LED attached to each glow rod
      for the magnetic field sensor array.

Radio control option allows you to control phasers, torpedoes, and warp effect
from anywhere in your home, through walls :)
Takes the place of your push-buttons, but we always recommend installing
the push-buttons for backup.



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