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Jeffrey Gaskin.




  This amazing Martian War Machine, by Geoffrey Lucier,
was built using some awesome modeler ingenuity. LOVE IT!!!

Here is what he had to say about the build.

  I made the no sound WOTW kit sometime ago. It was my first attempt using lighting effects in a model.
I wanted to mount my machine in a diorama without any wires showing so I ended up installing the 9 volt
battery INSIDE the war machine and made the cobra head neck its on/off switch. I picked up a SPST mini switch
at Radio Shack and glued a sprue 'bump' on the inside of the death ray mounting cylinder so when you rotated the
cobra neck slightly to the right about 30 degrees, the 'bump' would engage the SPST switch which would turn on
the light effects. Repositioning the cobra head to the front turns off the lights.

  As far as mounting the machine, I used three sections of clear Lexan rod stock which I mounted in my diorama base.
The placement of the rods was directly beneath the three green 'belly' lights, using tacky glue to hold them in
place so the machine won't slide off. An unexpected bonus was when I turn the machine on, the green light illuminates
the three Lexan legs, simulating (somewhat) the so-called 'invisible legs' effect in the film. I also placed a Dollar Store
'tea' light/candle inside the ruined building. Its flickering resembles a small fire inside. The affect of the whole scene isn't
that impressive in the day time but at night, it looks really cool. I've attached a daylight photo of my diorama.
If you look closely, you can see the Lexan leg glowing at the base.

  I should mention that the ship isn't glued together as to allow easy access to
replace the 9 v battery if needed. I used the wiring plan that came with the kit with no changes aside
from the internal switch and battery location.

  One photo shows the ship in the 'off' position (notice the cobra head is pointing to the left).
The other is a close-up of the base. The ruined buildings are from the Verlinden 1/35 scale battle field dioramas.
I added more junk to the scene. The flicker light is behind the green door. It looks nice at night.

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