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Glow rods.

Custom Built in the USA.

Glow rods provide a Bright, safe, energy efficient, durable, cool running LED alternative to cold cathode lighting. They are nice and bright and do not requre a light box inside of the nacelle of the PL 1/350 Enterprise NCC-1701 Refit/A. Only 2 blue LEDs are required to light up the entire nacelle, this leaves no hot spots from using other methods that would require multiple LEDS.

Measures Approximately 1/4" x 9 1/2" for 1/350 Enterprise NCC-1701 Refit/A

Can be powered from 3 - 12 volts and up by switching different resistors.

Comes Fully assembled with resistors for 9v-12v usage.



Fexible LED Strips require diffusing all the hot spots, the Glow rods, shown above by Starling Technologies, use less power and provide a nice glow that doesn't requre diffusing.

Glow rods come in different Diameters.

Can be cut to length at customers request.

Package Contents:

2 x glow rods fully assembled with 4 LEDS and resistors for 9v-12v usage.

PDF manual

Shipping Included.

$21.95 USA
$34.95 International

Will be online for sale once we return.

If the Item is out, you may email a request TO:

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