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Custom Built in the USA.

Starling proudly introduces our latest E/FX™
Plug-N-Play Life Force Light kit for Gort from
"The Day the Earth Stood Still".

   Whether you have the vinyl or resin Gort, you are
sure to love our accurately portrayed effect straight from the movie.
   This amazing effect takes you from Gorts attack with awesome
lights and sound, to the call from his master, Klaatu, to power down.
Sounds are Crystal Clear and of High Quality as are ALL Starling Effects.

    Built in the USA using top quality components for longevity.
Powered by 4.5v battery holder.


Package Contents:

1x) Fully assembled Gort Life Force circuit with LED,
sound board, and 3AAA battery holder with wired switch.
Sound board contains a 1/8 sound out jack that you may attach
to a set of amplified speakers.

1x) 4.5v 3aaa battery holder (Batteries not included) with switch.

1x) Wired Visor LED with connector

1x) wired activation button

1x) Clear plastic for visor.

1x) Piece of 3mm heat shrink in case you need to cut any wires.

Optional 4.5v wall adapter with harness can be purchased separately.

Optional RC Unit is available to activate Gort from a long distance.

1x) PDF manual emailed after purchase.

Shipping is included

Shipped USA only $75.00 USD
Shipped Worldwide $92.00 USD
  Optional 110v 4.5v wall adapter if you don't want to use batteries.
Specifically for the Gort, harness comes pre-wired with
on/off switch and DC female connector.

Please do not order if your Country does not support 110v.


RC Option
This option must be added to kit before shipping.
Activate Gort from a distance by RF with this option.
USA or International $35.00

Will be online for sale once we return.

If the Item is out, you may email a request TO:

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