Background By:
Jeffrey Gaskin.




Harvey Bass has completed his Klingon Bird of Prey.

Harvey created this awesome KBOP using our Life Force Kit along
with custom base.
As usual, Harvey pulls off another Beautiful paint job, and
gets the
lighting just right.

Here's how Harvey made his base:

The base is a 5 sided wooden box I got at Michael's,
a craft store chain. All I did was drill 3 openings
for the control button ( and attached a metal screen
over the it), and center post...
Then the whole thing was rattle can painted with some
generic gloss black enamel.
The Klingon emblem was downloaded from Google images
and I printed it on gloss sticky-backed paper, cut to shape and applied..
The circuit board is in the box cavity and all the cables
run up the post.. or secured with hot glue.. quick and easy
Total cost ~ $10.00

Video below displays torpedo effects harvey installed.
Another Awesome Build!:)

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