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Update: 12-10-2014

Harvey Bass has completed his Martain War Machine Diorama and It's a beautiful show piece.

All the lighting cables come out of the MWM thru the black conduit in the rear..
I also slaved one of the extra white LED's to the heat ray "Blast" circuit
and hid it in the tree hiding the tank.. So when the ray blasts white,
the white LED in the tree flashes in sync and lights up the tank as if the tank is getting roasted...
All the boards are hidden beneath the surface and the control switches are
on the back of the blockhouse... The blockhouse is removable and the battery compartment is underneath....
Even from under the "floor," the sound comes through very cleanly..

Harvey having a little Photo shop fun.

  Here we have an almost completed build of the Martian War Machine built by Harvey Bass. The build features our WOTW Life Force kit with Harvey executing an excellent install with no hot spots showing, as can be seen in the photo. More photos and video will be added once completed.
Both thumbs up Harvey!!!


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