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Updated 11/5/2014 See Part 2 Below.

Part 1)
USS Enterprise NCC-1701 Refit WIP by James Wood. He has been working with some awesome spotlighting effects as you'll see in the photos below. If you have no probems with soldering the timy SMDs, this is the way to go.
   If you do have problems soldering them, you may be able to purchase them pre-wired from model train shops or on ebay. Look up pre-wired 0805 0r the smaller 0603.

Here's what James had to say:
   I saw on your web site what you did for the bridge lighting. I ended up using two 0805 SMT diodes, here is the DigiKey part number: 475-3037-1-ND I originally tried this build, but it was too much, and dropped back down to 2 LEDs:

Here is the bottom of the saucer using these 3mm LEDs.

  Here is what I really wanted to shoot you an email on. I followed the directions for the kit. The camera shows a hot spot, there is no hot spot, but a very smooth gradient to the edges, with a warmer center section. I love the effect, it is perfect for this model.

The color in the photo looks pink, but it is a rose copper color in person.

Part 2) 11-5-2014
Jame's build continues. Here, he shows us the light
board installations into his base.

Getting my base all wired up.  Got the boards installed, and have checked everything,
with a few exceptions.  Here are some cool pics, at least I think so!

First shot is of 3 of the 4 boards installed. The Gen2 Refit torpedo board, S-DEF-DRV-2 Drive boards, and S-10LFO-A chaser board.

Next shot shows the torpedo board and the drive board doing stuff.

The sound effects sound great via ear bud. Going to get some external PC speakers, better
than the little speaker. I forgot to put a speaker mounting location anyways in the box, so not really an option.

Thanks as always for the support on the project! I am nearing completion on this guy.

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