Background By:
Jeffrey Gaskin.




5 Color 1/350 Enterprise 1701 Refit, fully lit with effects,
sound and custom base. This Enterprise took over 1 year/+1000 man
hours to complete. The model has accurate navigation and strobe
lighting effects. Chaser lights in the shuttle bay, the main dish
changes color to represent the power up sequence, and the engines
change from impulse to warp. Custom base includes 15 switches to
control the lighting in the ship, all spots can be turned on or off,
engine selection, and photon torpedo control, with various firing
sequences with sound effects.

Here is a link to a video showing the lighting effects of the model:

See info and more photos below.

Here we have an absolute show stopper of the Big E I believe any Star Trek fan
would be proud to own, I sure would be;)
James Wood is very close to completion on this Beauty.

You've done one hell of a job James:)

Starling Lighting Kits used along with James own lighting:
  • Gen/2 Refit Torpedo and Nav/Strobe board.

  • S-Def-Drv-2 Deflector and Engine board.

  • S-10LFO-A chaser board.


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