Background By:
Jeffrey Gaskin.




 We have a W.I.P of the 12" C57D polar lights deluxe kit
by Model builder Joe Siler. We will be adding a video later.

 He has added our sound board to the light kit that comes with
this motorized lit version. He removed the battery holder,
and added a small voltage regulator so that every thing would
run off the 9v battery.

From Joe:
On the input side the positive has one contact with two
holes and negative input also one contact with two holes
so I wire the negative from the battery to one hole and the wire
to the motor on the other hole. For the positive side I wired
the power line after the switch to one hole and then from the wire
from the motor to the other hole. So really convenient instead
of having to do a splice. Then the output side I just cut out the
reed switch for the sound card power and wired directly the step down
output directly to the sound card. So now for power I just turn on both
the motor and the sound card using the kit switch.
The sound activation switches I just hot glued to the inside of the dome.
Awesome Job Joe :)

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