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Photon Torpedo LED Effect board.

Designed and built in the USA

        Bringing your Star Ship the most Life like effects available ANYWHERE.

A lower cost alternative to our Ultimate K1UKBC kit.

    Introducing our all new E/FX™ light and sound kit for the 1/350 Kronos 1.
 Because the Kronos One model hasn't been released yet, we used the
POL950M/06 K'T'inga to design this kit, so you can use it in your K'T'tinga as well :)

   Our light and sound effects for the Klingon Battle Cruiser provides
awesome lights and sounds for Torpedo Tubes, Torpedoes, Navs, and strobes!!

This is a lower cost version of our Gen2 topedo kit. We've updated the sounds,
added a PNP torpedo harness, the same length and LEDs as in our Ultimate kit,
to make for an easier install. If you're not up to the complete Ultimate kit, this kit is
for you.

Note: this kit only provides lighting for torpedoes, torpedo tubes, navs, strobes,
and sounds. You will need a power supply, wire, and other lighting
to complete your model.

Board features circuits for Blinking Nav circuit is accurately
timed to the movie. Strobes timed accurately to the movie.
Forward and Aft Torpedoes are accurately timed to the K'Tinga, since
Kronos one never fired a torpedo.

Features and Usage:
All modes produce sound with effects.
1) Press push button quickly, Forward torpedo fades on and fires 1 Forward torpedo.
2) Hold button for 1sec, Aft torpedo tube fades on and fires 1 aft torpedoe.

   Powered by 9volt power supply either by battery or by a DC wall power
supply adapter you will need to provide.

Optional Radio Control activation available.
Optional 9v wall adapter available.

Included in kit:
  • 1x K1-KBC-2 torpedo board
  • 1x High quality sound board. 1/8" audio out jack provides
    even greater sound quality if one wants to plug into amplified speakers.
  • 1x 4/2 pin harness for easy forward and aft torpedo installation.
  • 2x 3mm red prewired LEDs are provided for nav flashers.
  • 3x 3mm white prewired LEDs are provided for strobes.
  • 4x 2pin JST connectors with leads.
  • 1x push button
  • 1x 3D printed Aft torpedo LED holder.
  • K1-KBC-2 PDF manual.
  • Ultimate Kronos 1 Manual. To help guide you through the rest of your build,
    and shows location of strobes:) High quailty images you can zoom in on.

  • Drill bits, files, xacto knife and other modeling tools
  • Solder and soldering iron.
  • Heat shrink 2 and 3mm.
  • Wire (Recommended 22awg to 24awg)

Be sure to view the 3D print STL files at the end of the page generously provided by Builder Louis Luciano.

Video demo of our kit.

K1-KBC-2 light and sound kit
K1-KBC-2 light and sound kit

Optional 9v wall adapter and harness.
Provides a wired up DC jack and switch to plug the wall adaper.

Optional Radio control (RC)
option below can be added to provide single button activation control to take the place of the onboard activation button. Adding the lighting kits pushbutton is always recommended.

Please order this option at the same time when ordering your light and sound kit. It can not be installed by the model builder.

Stephen Burns 3D Printed Torpedo Tubes Link
If you are looking for the Forward and Aft tubes, here is the link: Burns torpedo Tubes.

Louis Luciano 3D printed Torpedo Tubes designed for the Starling Torpedo LED harness.
Forward and Aft tubes found on Etsy.

Louis Luciano has provided the following 3D Prints below.
Lou recommends that the file marked hull_tray.stl be printed in resin.
Please right click each link below and select save as:
rc_board-L.stl This is the larger print for the older green style of receiver.
rc_board.stl For new small blue receiver.

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