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  Model Builder Mark Foot has sent a video and a couple photos of his C-57D build, this version has the motor for the spining lights.
He has added the Starling C-57D sound board, micro switch version, and shows the installation.
More photos will be added as the build progresses.

Awesome job Mark, can't wait to see more:)

A message from Mark:

I have been working on my Polar Lights C57D fitting the sound
card you supplied a while back. Just thought I would drop you
a couple of pictures and short video so far. I intend to put the
ship on a diorama and position the switches under a rock. As you
can see the sound card fits neatly between the saucer sections and
the battery area adapted under the upper dome to fit engine light
and sound card batteries.

Still work in progress but I am so pleased so far.

Best regards,


Please turn up your volume, the sound has been purposely lowered.
You can hear a partial sample of the effect.

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