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RCS Thrusters LED Effect board.

Designed and Built in the USA.

Add a little more Life to your StarShip with our Random RCS Thrusters board.

    For those of you who do not need the extra features that our S-DEF-DRV-2 Engine Deflector control board provides, but would still like to have the thrusters effect, The Model# S-RRCST-V1 was designed for you.
   Designed for many of the Federation Star Ship models, including The Polar Lights 1/350 versions of Enterprise refit, and A. Board provides pulsating/flicker Random RCS(Reaction Control System) Thrusters .

May be used in other federation Star ships requiring this effect.

Easy connection via a 2 pin, 7-pin, and 8-pin header block. JST connectors with leads are included.

Built with high quality components for longevity, and Small enough to fit inside the model itself or its stand.

Powered by 6volt to 12 volt power supply either by battery or DC power supply adapter that you plug in to the wall(Not Included).

Board dimensions: 1 1/2" x 1 1/8"

    Kit Includes:
  • 1 Random RCS Thruster board fully assembled.
  • 8 3mm yellow LEDs
  • 4 5mm yellow LEDs
  • 2 1.8mm yellow LEDs
  • 14 220hm resistors
  • 1 2-pin JST connectors with leads.
  • 1 7-pin JST connector with leads.
  • 1 8-pin JST connector with leads.
  • 1 Detailed PDF manual with simple instructions emailed after sale.

Some soldering required but not to the board.

How it works.

When power is applied, LEDs start to pulsate/flicker, alternating between 14 Thrusters in a random fashion.


All boards are tested before packaging.

Shipping Included.

$47.00 USA
$59.00 International

Will be online for sale once we return.

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