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UPDATE: 7-06-2015 Video.

See Robert's updated video of the Time Machine in action.
Even the little levers are functional, Amazing lights and Sounds.

UPDATE: 6-13-2015 Video.

I couldn't wait to put it up, Robert has just sent me a video of his Time Machine in action.
This is so Amazing, all scratch built:)

   I'm a big fan of H.G. Wells "The Time Machine", and when it comes
to Robert Daggett's absolutely beautiful and amazing build,
I'm a big fan of his work as well. Just check out the
photos of his Totally Scratch Built Time Machine and Scratch Built
Lever below and you'll see what I mean.

Truely amazing craftsmanship.

Robert started the project 35 years ago, took a 30 year sabbatical
and just finished last year.

It has a right hand gear drive, that no one had in that 1/12 scale
at that time, lights that sequence days ,months, years. The speed of
the dish is constant, but is turned on and off by the lever,
and sound that speeds up.

Tantalus box is made from an antique liquor box from the 1800s.

Biscuit tufting in the seat and box is hand made by Robert.
"I used little plastic bags and I took cat hair (off my cat) and
sealed it up it made it soft and nice to the touch."

Under the base houses the circuits.

The dish is made of copper.

Life size replica of the Time Machine Lever carefully hand made of
brass with a glass crystal on top.

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