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   Robert Daggett has shared another one of his projects with us.
UPDATE: 12-18-2015 Robert has completed this W.I.P
Resin 2002 Time Machine.
  This Incredible build features brass tubing, electronics to light it up and more!

Some info from Robert:

   One of the photos show 9 brass adjustment levers 18 total I had to make
because they were not included in the kit as the balls for the chair or
the step levelers for the base, some add ons are real brass on the step
plates and lever next to chair and on gauge box next to chair
,and all brass rivets on ball and step plates and base. Also I am adding
a light off the battery box,I made spacers so the disks spin.

Another Beautiful work of art as we've come to expect from Robert Daggett :)
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Here, we will have a look at some of the parts. Like many resin models, there is a lot of flash to clean up as Robert found out LOL.

And now for the completed model. Absolutely Beautiful :)

Check out the Gauges.

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