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Updated 10/01/16 Ron's Build procedure.

  Model builder Ronald Seipel of RPS Custom Models
has shared his 1/32 Enterprise Conmmand Bridge with
scratch built exterior dome.
Beautifully and accurately lit, Ron's build has been
published in and

  Hello modelers my name is Ronald Seipel of RPS Custom Models
and I did a build of the full 360 degree TOS Enterprise bridge
with lights and a scratch built exterior dome I hope you enjoy
it plus this can be done again if anyone is interested you can
contact me through my Facebook model page same name as above or
just email me at
I do builds of all genre's.

  So obviously, I started with the AMT bridge kit and painted it
in screen accurate colors that I obtained off a filming set in Georgia.
Then I made a 17" plywood base to attach it to. I began with the
frame work for the exterior pics to follow and decided to light it.
You will see at this point they are just light strips, I have bigger
plans later for lighting.
I used balsa wood sheeting for the wall then applied bondo to that a
couple of times. aAter some sanding and filing I used a drywall
finish mud to get a smoother finish more sanding and sanding then
primed and painted. I added lights outside and used a clock face
for the clear dome, this took a total of 8 months to complete.
  It just won 3rd place in a contest and has been published in and so as promised the pics enjoy.

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