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Added 2-1-20

  Model builder Ronald Seipel of RPS Custom Models
completed his second Enterprise Command Bridge. He
has a new way to perfect his scratch built exterior dome.
Beautifully and accurately lit, Ron's first build has been
published in and
Ron is currently on his third build, they are very time
consuming due to their complexity.

   The build consists of the Starling Command Bridge lights and
and sound kit, But all the blinking lights are done with 5mm
flashing LEDs 4 per console.

   The dome is just amazing, take a look at the
photos showing all the work that is put into this.
If anyone is interested you can contact Ron from Facebook
model page RPS-Custom-Model-Building
or just email Ron at
He does builds of all genre's.

Be sure to visit Ron's page above for more videos and photos
of this build and others :)

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