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Model S-10LFO-A 10 LED chaser board.

Custom Designed and Built in the USA.

The Adjustable Model #S-10LFO-A 10 White LED chaser board was designed for many of the Star Trek class of Plastic models Hangar Bay Landing Lights,
including the Polar Lights 1/350 version of NCC-1701-REFIT OR A. Can be used in other types of models
or projects.
   This board comes in 3 versions at customers request. The Model #S-10LFO-A has 10 White L.E.Ds soldered directly to the board and must use fiber optics when using light effects for models.

    The second version Model #S-10LFO-B comes with 2" wire leads soldered in place of the L.E.D.s so that the Modeler/Hobbyist may mount their own L.E.D.s instead of using fiber optics, though fiber optics may still be used if one wishes to.(Note : When requesting this board, please include information whether you will be using 1 LED per pair of wires, or 2 LEDS in series per pair of wires, as the board may be built with no need for extra resistors.)

   The Third version Model #S-10LFO-C comes with 2" wire leads, same as version B, as well as 3mm LEDs soldered and heat shrinked. This version also requires use of fiber optics.

Designed for ease of use and longevity, the board may be mounted directly inside the model or stand.

Measures Approximately 2 3/16 " x 1 1/2 "

Board contains circuit for Adjustable 10 L.E.D Chaser..

Powered by 9 volt power supply either by battery or by a"Regulated" DC power supply adapter that you plug in to the wall.(Not Included)

Board Features:

Easy connection via 2 pin connector.

Adjustable trimpot for variable chase rates.


Please view video below to see the Boards Chase Rates and example use for Hangar Bay. Fiber Optics and Hangar bay in video are for example only.

Package Contents:

1 x Chaser Board fully assembled
1x 2pin jst connector for power.
10x pieces of heat shrink.
10x 3mm white LEDs (A and C versions only.)

Instructions are at bottom of page. For information on LED's, resistors, DC adapters, and voltage regulators, please download manuals from Board Models NCC- 1701-Refit-A, S-101-A, or S-N-S1. See the Diagrams on the Electronics page to help you start your project.
PDF manual not available at this time.

A Version
Animated Gif of chaser board.

B Version
Version B of chaser board.

C Version
Version C of chaser board.

Shipping Included.

A $45.00 USA
A $57.00 International B $55.00 USA
B $67.00 International
C $65.00 USA
C $77.00 International

Will be online for sale once we return.

Instructions for use:

   It's simple to use, just connect a 9 volt source to the provided connector and turn the tiny screw on the blue trimpot to adjust speed. You will need fiber optics, the photo below shows .5mm optics being used.
   There are several ways to attach fiber optics to LEDs. One way is by using 2mm heat shrink over the 3mm leds. Carefully stretch it a little with needle nose pliers until it slides over the LED. Shrinkit over the fiber optics, and then using a 5min clear epoxy to make sure the fiber doesn't come out. Use caution when applying heat to the heat shrink near the LEDs.Follow the LED firing order marked D1 thru D10.
   For version A, I attach and heat shrink for you.

If the Item is out, you may email a request TO:

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