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Designed and Built in the U.S.A

   From the 1960's Irwin Allen Hit Series " Land of the Giants,"
we've produced a Plug-N-Play light kit for the Moebius Pocket Spindrift.
   Our highly efficient Light kit features pulsing Intake,
as seen in the show, engine and interior lighting, all running off a single
CR2032 or CR2025 button cell battery.

This is an excellent model to start with if you are new to
lighting models. Very easy to install.

Runs continuously for hours with our low power circuit.
Our test used a no name brand battery, the Intake and engines
pulsed brightly for over 48hrs while the interior faded off. The pulsing
LEDs will continue for many more hours on this battery.

No external wires or switches, features our "No Show"
switch design, allowing you to power-on and handle the model without a stand.

Built In The U.S.A with top quality components for longevity
and long lasting battery life.

Kit Includes:
1x Fully assembled Plug-N-Play Pocket Spindrift board and lighting kit.
   With red LEDs, and 2032 battery socket.
Interior lighting.
1 PDF manual emailed after purchase.

No soldering required
CR2032 battery (Energizer or Duracell recommended for longer life)
Normal modeling tools and paints
Clear epoxy, model glue of choice
ParaGrafix Pocket Spindrift photo-etch lets more light show.(Optional)
   You can drill out the grill holes and light block instead.

We have a video from Model Builder Joe Siler. He did a
Super job lighting the Little Spindrift :)

Demo video of the effect.

We have a very limited supply for right now.

Spindrift complete light kit

If the Item is out, you may email a request TO:

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