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cylon raider.

Custom Built in the USA.

NEW!! Plug-N-Play kit version available Added 10/2017.

    From the Hit series Battlestar Galactica that aired back in the 1970's,
Starling Proudly introduces our completely awesome Life Force light
and sound effects kit for the GIGANTIC 1/32 Moebius TOS Cylon Raider.

Talk about EXTREME FX!! That is what you can expect from this kit!.

This complete kit features voices for 3 Centurion Pilots, lights and sounds
for Guns, engines and running lights. Engine sounds run continuously:)

    For those of you whom have the custom resin cockpit with 3 Centurions,
we have an option for the cockpit lighting with a 6 LED chaser board for
your Centurions eyes, it is AWESOME!!
Please look through all the available options for your Raider below.
   Other options available : RC activation and 4.5v wall adapter with harness.

   Our New optional Plug-N-Play version of this kit means there is no soldering
for you. Everything has a labeled harness that plugs into the circuit board and
everything can be installed inside the ship allowing you to remove it from it's
base which allows you to do what you will :)

Our circuits are built to last for generations.

Be sure to read our battery recommendations on our Info/News
tab at the top of the page. Rechargeable eneloop batteries are
used in our testing.

If you're new to lighting up a model and aren't quite ready, or you would like a
perfect model built for you, Steve Carricato is your guy.
Contact: Steve Carricato of Spacecraft Creation Models for a commission Build.

Niel Jensen from the ToyShack on eBay has
Custom Resin cockpit with centurions Here!!!!
Custom Resin cockpit with centurions and Baltar Here!!!

Updated Video

This video is a demo of the updated Centurion dialog for this kit.
It is not heard in the completed model video below it.


This 1/32 scale Tos Cylon Raider was built by professional
model builder Steve Carricato using our latest light and sound kit.
All effects seen in video can be accomplished with this kit. Detailed
instructions and photos are provided.

NOTE: Engine flicker effect could not be captured correctly in video .

Steven Carricato's second build.

Video of Optional Cockpit and Centurion lighting kit. The cockpit and Centurions are not included.

Kit shown with some of the options.

Main Kit Package Contents:

  • 1 x Fully assembled tos raider Light and sound board.
       High quality sound board with speaker.
       Rear of board has 1/8" sound out jack for
        external amplified speakers if you wish to use them.
  • 1 x 4.5v via 3xAAA battery holder (Optional 4.5v dc wall adapter available.)
    Note: using batteries allows you to place all electronics inside of ship.
  • All required LEDs for Guns, Engines and Running Lights.
  • 1 detailed PDF manual full of photos emailed after purchase.


Soldering required unless ordering Plug-n-Play kit.
22awg - 26awg wire. (Not required by plug-n-play kit.)
The normal modeling tools, Paints and glues.
2x 1" PVC end caps.
Aluminum tubing for guns.
Tape to help hold down wires.
Clear epoxy.
Hot glue.

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Main Tos Raider Life Force Light and Sound Kit.

Two versions to choose from

Optional Cockpit and Centurion light kit.

Does not include resin Cockpit or centurions.

Provides lights for cockpit and LED chaser
for Centurion Pilot visors. Runs on 4.5v.
If purchased separately, it will come with 3AAA
battery holder and switch.
If you chose the main Plug-N-Play kit, this kit will
also be Plug-N-Play

Optional 4.5v wall adapter with harness.

Makes your model less portable but provides continuous power
without the need for batteries.
Note: using batteries allows you to place all electronics inside of ship.

110v 4.5v Wall adapter

Optional RC activation Unit.

Activate your effect from anywhere inside your home.
NOTE: This option requires ordering at the same time as Tos raider kit,
as the receiver needs to be soldered to the light board.


If you're looking for an awesome cockpit for your 1/32 Tos Raider,
Click the photos above,they look GREAT!! Look for ebay seller Niel Jensen from the ToyShack on eBay.

Model Not included with Light and Sound kit.

Completed Model by Steve Carricato

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